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Heather, Gabby and Lula

I like Heather's new table-cloth...and just like her I would never expect to find it here..but her friend Gabby did a great job for Lula Fabrics.
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DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by
Jorine Oosterhoff

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice our cats who want to sneek out (why I wouldn’t know ;-)), green carpet (that was already in the house when we moved in, I like the colour) a big mirror, a birch tree and 4 coathooks designed by me for the Puhlmann collection.


Style:: means…Being yourself, you are unique don’t try to be someone else.


Inspiration:: comes from a lot of things. For example, fantasy stories, art, history, nature. I like to see community forms, how animals live in a group and seeing the different characters in that group. I try to include these things in my work.


Gourmet::  is nice … treat yourself very very well.

New:: in my home is a big vase from Lenneke Wispelwey, a glass set from my sister Fenna Oosterhoff, cups from Saakje Visser etc. Pieces I exchanged at a Art and Design Sale in December in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Exchanging stuff among each other is always exciting!


Hobby:: I always make time for reading books, especially fantastic stories. I love to dream away to another world. And traveling, although I do not always make enough time for this.


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is a colorful dress with flowers on it, I bought in Vietnam. Unfortunately I have to wait till summer to put it on again. Right now it is too cold.


Make:: I start creating when I have a good idea. (all the time) Than I start sketching and puzzling till everything is right. Then I start creating in 3D.

Enjoy:: I can't live without my boyfriend, my family and my 2 cats.


.........Thank You Jorine Oosterhoff..........

Two young Dutch designers living under the same roof ...such a treat to have them as guests today! Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam from BuroJet only recently moved to this new home...and already they created such a nice warm and welcome place...It always takes me so much longer to make a house look so personal and authentic!Jorineoosterhoff

I have written about Jorine her gorgeous ceramic designs a couple of times before on Bloesem...but little did I know that her partner is just as talented as she...



...Egbert-Jan Lam from BuroJet designed an impressive collection and my favorites are this beautiful chair, the aerowing flywood, and the drippin'and edged cups... the 2 images above.

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donate please


I always talk about things on Bloesem that make our homes look nicer....these people don't have homes anymore...


All I can do is donate and help and try to create more links to these pages  ... donate here OR donate here OR donate here OR donate here... PLEASE they need our HELP! {image courtesy}

Tomorrow I will share with you a new Let's Get Personal Tour...

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DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by
Kiki van Eijk

Dutch:: is? Free!

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice warmness


Style:: means? Nothing more than personality

Inspiration:: comes from? My inner self

Gourmet:: is Only if you’re really interested in these kind of things


New:: in my home are different art books

Hobby:: I always make time for travelling far far away

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear are Jeans in all colours


Make:: I start creating when the sun is shining

Enjoy:: I can't live without lightness

.........Thank You Kiki van Eijk............

Most of you who have been following my blog for some time now know how much I love the work by Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk...I have written about her work a couple of times already like here and here and although I'm very happy she has taken the time to answer my questions she preferred not to share images of her home with us...maybe one day she will change her mind, but for now please enjoy some images of her amazing work.


The new items in Kiki's everlasting soft series! A ceiling lamp and candle-holder, with all the details and feelings of soft materials but created in ceramics.

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Ana Serrano

What a Week....so much internet troubles, and my parents vising us here in KL, wonderful of course but not easy to do my regular postings, SORRY, but I hope you like these I-phone covers by Ana Serrano....available right here ...my i-phone was my only connection to the internet this week, mayby I should treat it with a supernice jacket like one of these :)

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I don't think I ever showed you my kitchen pots...everyday I enjoy a little bit of Camilla Engman in our kitchen, i bought some of her transfer illustrations over at the Third Drawer Down and some pots at IKEA and please see here the result...

And please meet our latest family member...Lucius #5, he was waiting for me under the Christmas Tree and is now sitting next te me looking what I'm doing all day...welcome Lucius you are just as beautiful as our Babette and hopefully one day we will be able to adopt Lewis too....


Fanja from Le Train Fantome is of course the creator of these beautiful soft sculptures...recently she has done a very nice collaboration with one of my absolute favorite illustrators in the world...Julie Morstad illustrated Lewis and Lumi. This limited edition print is available right here...


Julie Morstad is an illustrator based in Vancouver and many of you might know her from the much acclaimed book 'When you were small' by Sarah O'Leary. I absolutely love the prints she sells in her own online shop.

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