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DesignHome RenS UnRaveled :: answers by Renee Mennen & Stefanie van Keijsteren


Dutch is:: Looking for limits and not being afraid of the unknown

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice several unique items which originate from many different places, due to the fact that we adore both collecting items as well as special objects.


Style:: means creating our own environment on a separate manner

Inspiration:: comes from daily life

Gourmet::  is necessary for the reason that “gourmet” equals a moment of peace and togetherness

in my home is a closet which we bought from the online shopping store “Martkplaats”. With a length of three meters and the possession of twenty drawers , the closet serves as an inspiration source to us.

Hobby:: One of our hobbies considers traveling. While visiting other countries and cultures, we get inspired . An other hobby consists of visiting markets in order to search for special items.

Studio1 Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is clothing of “Humanoid”. The latter is a beautiful clothes store in Arnhem. Specifically, the high quality of the clothes as well as the clothing material makes the items rather beautiful.

Make::  The moment I get inspired no matter where I am...  

Enjoy:: The experience of everything what is around us.

.........Thank you Stephanie and Renee from RenS.........Rens

The 'kopje kopje' series by RenS were the first designs that caught my eye and made me want to write about Stephanie and Renee's work on Bloesem...several places in the Netherlands already sell the products from RenS, but I know Renee and Stephanie would love to sell in your country too, so if you know a brick and morter or online shop who might be interested please send RenS an email, thanks for your help!

The latest designs from RenS, Renee and Stephanie, are the McTea, where McDonalds meets a traditional cup of tea, and the Langpootkast (=Longleg cabinet) where the little cupboard has been blown-up out of its normal proportions and the owner has to make a conscious decision about what to place in the one drawer above...

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Stylish Gift wrapping


Did you already start wrapping your Christmas Gifts...no, then please have a look at these gorgeous papers and ribbons, a new collaboration between Angela Liguori and Pikku Cloth and Wares...available right here..

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Category: Holiday Season

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DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by Lenneke Wispelwey


Dutch:: is A wink of the eye.


Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice my friends&fun picture wall with little text messages that I have put on paper because they are too fun or special not to save them.


Style:: means being yourself always...(fashion can be bought, style you must posess)


Inspiration:: everyday life. Making the ordinary, extraordinary!

Livingpicturewall Littlestools New:: in my home is an old green machine that i bought on the fleemarket. I didn't know what it was for, I bought it for the design and the colour, it is soo nice. Kitchen

Hobby:: I always make time for having dinnerparty’s with my best friends (we don't do this often enough)


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is handsome flat shoes, I have a hate/love affair with high heels. They look so good, but hurt so bad.


Make:: I  start creating when when I have an idea, I will try it out. I don’t sketch much, I love to sketch with the material.

I can't live without a smile.


........Thank you Lenneke........

Do you remember seeing these images on Bloesem a little while ago...Yes they are from Lenneke and I'm so honored and thrilled that she has given us such a nice peak into her home...Vases

More gorgeous images from her products are right here on her website if you have any questions for Lenneke, retail, wholesale, styling or custom made pieces please send Lenneke an email!


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Irene from Bloesem


Like I said the other day, I will try and start showing some images of our own home with you a bit more often on Bloesem...but please keep in mind that I'm not a good photographer at all and making them makes me pretty nervous...but I hope today these will give you a bit of an impression of the table our friends and I will be sitting at tonight...we're hosting a small pre-Christmas diner, I have kept the table decoration clean and simple, combined three colors of pure linen, light grey, white and a darker grey and added some red, green and beige colors...


I have turned on the air-con and instead of sitting outside tonight I'm pretending we are in 'a winter-wonderland', found an old Christmas cd from Stevie Wonder, so our first Christmas part can begin!

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of Let's Get Personal Tour this week, next week many more Dutch Designers will again show us a bit their homes and studios, hope to see you back, Have yourself a very nice weekend! irene xx

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DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by Margo Slingerland

Dutch:: is "gezellig"

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice? my rabbit collection, a pink fridge, my own designs and a lot of books and magazines.

Style:: means...be yourself

comes from everywhere... flea markets, children's books, video clips, fabric shops, nice people, etc.

Gourmet:: is necessary because, it brings enjoyment.

New:: in my home is? some objects, I bought at my last trip, in Egypt.

I always make time for? running in the park, to clear my head.

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is? colorful clothes, combined with some cool accessories. I love to collect bags, brooches, buttons and necklaces.


{the images above show the new paper-brooches by Margo Slingerland}

Make:: I start creating when? ...all the time, but I am most creative in the evening, I think.

Enjoy:: I can't live without? my family and friends, of course, but as a designer I can't live without my work too.

........Thank you Margo........


an imaginary cup of tea...Margo’s intention with this tea-set made out of paper is to bring you in a calm and relax mood thinking of your carefree days of childhood…

Table-Invaders by Margo Slingerland...if you would like to receive any information about these stunning designs you can send Margo an email.  If you would like to see more then click here for her website or flickr page.

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Vij5 UnRaveled :: answers by Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst

Dutch:: Stubborn, always a little bit different and unexpected, at least for design it is.

Entrance:: when entering our home you will notice a dark blue corridor with 5 glass ‘crystal’ ceiling lamps fixed on the wall. We inherited those from Anieke’s grandparents and found some at the attic of her parents. If you enter our home for business, this blue corridor will lead you upstairs to our design studio. If you enter our home as family or friend, of course you are allowed to open the blue doors to our living room or kitchen!


Style:: means so many different things! We think our style could be explained as simplicity with a twist, old combined with new, new learned from old, eclectic …

Inspiration::  a good idea never comes out of the blue, there is always a lead. Sometimes we actively search for inspiration by loosing ourselves into certain subjects. On the other hand we could also be surprised by things that coincidentally meet our eyes. This can be anything, from a nice picture or colour combination to an article of use we might have used for years already. Traveling also gives us a lot of unpredictable inspiration.


New:: in our home are our new dining chairs! We are very pleased with them. Arjan sees them as little architectural buildings J We found them in a retro/design shop in Eindhoven and painted the seats ourselves. The owner told us it were probably prototypes or a small scale production from the Italian brand Fasem. We haven’t seen anything like this anyway, so they are unique and special enough for us! 


Hobby:: what’s that? We think our ‘hobby’ has become our work, although we really enjoy making time for our family and friends. Next to that, we really like to travel or relax in a nice hot-spring!

Outfit:: our favorite thing to wear? Since Anieke worked at a Sissy-Boy store, our closet is mainly filled with their ‘special basics’. Timeless and comfortable!

Make:: I start creating when? As soon as we start talking, discussing or brainstorming on some loose ideas, our creating process starts. We are convinced the best products are the result of a dialogue between different visions. That is why it is one of the basic principles of Vij5.

Enjoy:: we can't live without our 2 black cats: Joey and Stein. Fortunately we are not superstitious at all ;) They are a perfect mirror for our moods: if we are stressed, they are as well. So indirectly they tell us to slow down a little and spend a nice evening with them on the couch. Those little animals can sometimes drive us mad by their naughtiness, but overall they always put a smile on our face!


........Thank you Anieke and Arjan........

Gorgeous designs from Vij5 are Stevia&Melk set, Table Confetti (please see images below) from the Leftovers range and of course the FlexVase, which Won the Dutch Design Award for being the best consumer product of 2009!! Flexvaas2

Anieke and Arjan really would like to sell their beautiful designs in more shops in the rest of the world, so if you are a retailer, online shop and are interested please send an email to Anieke and Arjan from Vij5!


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