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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Bloesem will be back January 4

...showing you the houses of Dutch designers and so much more...

If you are a fan of Bloesem...  please vote here for me, thanks!

And thank you Maya for the beautiful images : )

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DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by Lara de Greef


Dutch:: Humor

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice? Cas my small dog, he is really happy when people ring our bell


Style:: means? Feel free to be yourself

Inspiration:: comes from everything around me for example magazines, shapes, books, materials, colors, and nature


New:: in my home is a Iittala led light named August, looks like an oil lamp


Hobby:: I always make time for cooking, I love to make cakes.


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear are bright colored woolen socks I bought in India in the first place for my boyfriend, but because I always have cold feet I’m the only one who is wearing them


Make:: I  start creating when ... Most of the time first in my head and than I try to find a way to translate my idea in shape, material and color.


Enjoy:: I can't live without Licorice and dates

.............Thank You Lara de Greef.............


Lara de greef is one of the Dutch designers that I always love to write about on Bloesem. Her designs/products are just breathtaking, they look soft, warm but strong ...and this is a combination I really enjoy in a design. When looking at her website and seeing the images of her home above I can only assume that she is a kind and nice person .... dear Lara I'm your Fan! (sales info right here)

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Renegade Craft Fair SF


A wonderful 'exhibition' is taking place at the Renegade Handmade shop called the 'In Stitches Showcase'....which features the work of 15 different embroidery artists and includes a really nice range of styles demonstrating what modern stitchers are doing today.


And oh if only I would be able to go...this must be the perfect place to buy so many original and unique Christmas gifts...enjoy for all of you who are in the San Francisco area and can go to the Renegade Craft Fair - San Francisco this weekend!

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Category: Holiday Gifts

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Images from my own home :: Bloesem

More and more work by Finnish artist Reka Kiraly is finding it's way to our home...yesterday my first order from envelop arrived, the gorgeous pillow covers by Reka Kiraly (ahum really weird I tried to find them at envelop but looks like they are not available any more, so sorry for you guys, will ask Reka for some more info)...


a while back I also bought some prints and I wish I had seen her Christmas cards a bit sooner because I would have definitely sent them for my family...but my no tears my birthday is coming up in January and I will show her latest print to Rik : )


and I really enjoyed following her advent calendar on her blog...

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Who said no. 13 is an unlucky number...not me...no. 13 made me very happy yesterday .... when Rik and I got home from a romantic dinner celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and Bloesem's 3rd birthday ... I saw an email from Nick Wyke telling me that Times Online had selected Bloesem as one of its Top 50 design blogs in the world....yes you guessed it, Bloesem made it to no.13...

I would like to give special Thanks to Lynne Robinson from Tea for Joy who wrote the article! Today Lynne is hosting a fantatsic giveaway on her blog, you can win a goody bag from her great online shop called Papermash.  

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DesignHome KidsOnRoof UnRaveled :: answers by Romy Boesveldt images by Ilya Yashkin


Dutch:: is directness- openness - simpleness but also boldness and little elegancy!


Entrance::  when entering my home you will notice the uten silo re edited by vitra and very much loved in our family of 5 with lots and lots of loose stuff/papers/keys that used to get lost before the arrival of the uten silo...


Style:: means... following your own rules and not get too influenced by other peoples opinions


Inspiration:: comes from nature


Gourmet:: is necessary because life is short

New:: in my home is the catherine kullberg lamp which we love


Hobby:: I always make time for too many things - can't choose

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is my super de luxe martin margiela boots and a necklace my friend and designer marion vidal gave me as a present.


{image above, Bo Buro}

Make:: I start creating when i wake up

Enjoy:: I can't live without my kids

......Thank You Romy and Ilya.......

Casa Collection...Romy and Ilya founded (my favorite design label for kids toys) KidsonRoof in 2005 and I think since then almost everyone online has seen some of their great products on a blog or website, because everybody loves their fabulous designs...you understand how happy I was when receiving Romy's answers in my inbox!


The latest Kidsonroof collection is Furniture VolumeZero and it's so high on my wish-list!! Totem2
Of course every child should have at least one Totem :) {TIME Style & Design's GREEN DESIGN 100}

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