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eddie and edwina giveaway


'eddy and edwina' is one of those shops online where you can find unique, arty, different and funky things all handmade by Karin Kramer from Germany ...she calls herself a jewellery designer, and she is :), but I also love her artwork like this print above...currently Karin is doing a giveaway and promotion via her own blog for her products, just click here ...

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Category: Jewelry

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Melanie Brument

I'm currently overwhelmed with all the gorgeous French connections I found online ... with my non-excisting French it pretty hard to understand it all, but with some help from translator I' do know that Melanie Brument is the author of the blog petit petit and here she shows her incredible work, ceramics and textiles, found via this blog from French children's label Les Petits Choses ...

Some of Melanie's pieces are available via this super nice website and yes packed with stunning work from French designers, will show more artists during the next few days of course...L'Histoire a Tiroirs.

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DOS Family


I don't know about you, but I feel that there is an explosion of new blogs lately ... at least once a day a new blog is being presented to my eyes and some of them are just to good to be true ... like Dos Family ... wow this truly is eye-candy. And what I really like about this gorgeous blog is the fact that most images are taken by the authors themselves. Jenny, Staffan and Isabelle, all from Sweden, visited houses they like, take images and create spectacular posts for us ...Dosfamily_2

DOS Family is definetly my Favorite new blog! ...of course I have invited them to come and visit our house :)...!

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I just had to share this DIY project with you.
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Les choses bizarres

Leschosesbizarres Some unique pillows that I found on this webblog...les choses bizarres...I tried to figure out how to buy them but the google translator didn't bring me much help...anybody? Thanks!
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Via this nice blog, i found this nice blog and there I found this nice blog and wow then I saw these images I just had to tell you why I like them so much ...Kitkadesign
first of all I noticed these chairs ... and how I love these “Safari Chairs”, they were designed by N. Eilerson marked made in Denmark. And for the longest time I'm looking for a beautiful wall piece like the one in the right image...Juli and John are the authors of Kitkadesign and they live in Toronto (i wish they already had their blog when I was living in there too) ... one of their recent projects wat the renovation and decorationg of their cottage ...

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