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{a 'before' image of our new home ... soon I will show you some 'after' images of the living room}
It has been an exhausting, but fun week last week for me and my family ... moving house with 2,5 month old baby and a three year old in temperatures of 30 degrees and higher does make it more difficlt then just simply move house with the two of us. But we are also happy, relieved and content with the decorating results so far and of course having our doors open to a garden with a swimming pool in it makes all the difference and gives us a tremendous luxurious feel ... wow life can be good!

Because we are renting I have to accept some aspects of the house which I never and I say NEVER would choose for my own house ... here we go::
*2 horrible huge mirrors from top to bottom in the living room ... anybody any suggestions what to do with these
*teinted glass in the windows everywhere ... must be honest to say that it keeps the house cooler
*shiny tiles on te floor, oh I wish I could paint the floor off-white, my furniture would look so much better...


{Image form ByGraziela read more about it right here...}
I will keep you updated in the next few months of my decorating results and today I posted a great Open House Tour on B:Kids showing you how good decorating really works!

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