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Blog Sabbatical..........


{(in)visíveis . (in)visible I digital prints from Ana Ventura}
it was very difficult for me to decide with what post I would sign off for my blog-sabbatical ... but I think doing this with Ana Ventura is very appropriate for me ... when I started blogging I never expected that Bloesem would become such a very important part of my (and my husbands) life ... it was Bloesem who introduced us to so many talented people around the globe which I'm sure we would otherwise never been able to find ... Bloesem has enriched our lives in multiple ways, new online friends, new ideas, a new way of thinking about many things and most certainly Bloesem has filled our house with many beautiful items that I bought myself along the way or were given to me by beautiful people often as a thank you for giving them a humble platform online ...


My husband and I are off to a new start in a 'real' house, no more apartments for this couple, instead a garden and an upstairs! During the coming weeks I will of course once in a while show you some images of our decoration adventures and progress ... one thing is for sure the amazing art pieces which we bought from Ana Ventura the other day are getting a prominent spot in our home ... (you can see all the prints right here)


Leaves me with saying how grateful I am to all of you my dear readers, thank you for your comments, support and emails. A big thank you to my sponsors who made Bloesem possible for me ... and all my blogriends, who linked to Bloesem and helped my readership to grow ... I'm going to miss you, but I will soon be back in the beginning of August!! ...and once in a while a small post because I just can't resist it...

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Thank You ELLE Interior Norway

Can you believe how happy I was when Line Damen invited me for an interview in the gorgeous Norwegian ELLE interior (a must have magazine for bloggers like us) ... I could never have hoped for a more beautiful interview than this one ... thank you Line and ELLE Interior Norway and welcome to all the Norwegian visitors, it's a huge honor to be featured in a country where design, style and taste are like second nature......{ps. and it was so nice to see Siw and Emma here as well}

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Skinny Laminx


Do you like my new tea towels from Skinny Laminx just as much as I do? The gorgeous new fabrics which you can buy per meter are also great looking on these chairs ... the chair on the left would not really be my style but covered with this fabric I could see it in our home, the right chair is welcome in our home anytime! Thanks Heather!

My parents arrived yesterday (YEAH) and they are going to help me with the garden, I'm very excited to learn more from these very experienced gardeners. Will try to show you some images next week, but now I would like to wish you a very lovely weekend! Irene xx

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i love grey skies

I couldn't agree more with Brittni from Papernstitch about loving the designs from 'I Love Grey Skies'...so I'm sincerely considering the button wall art pieces for our new house...

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win a bag soft toys from Bookhou

...if you would like to win this gorgeous bag of soft toys handmade by Arounna from Bookhou then click here for more info ... good luck!

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Special guest :: Astrid from Hei Astrid

I’ve had my eyes on Scandinavian Surface for a while and I’ve written about them on hei Astrid a couple of times, here and here. This is how they describe themselves: Scandinavian Surface specializes in developing "patterns for any surface". With professional background, skills and experience we are able to offer outstanding surface design and original solutions for products such as: fabrics, wallpaper, building facades, interior decoration details etc.
The WallPiece is a beautiful wall decoration that comes in a variety of patterns. Scandinavian Surface also makes a collection of placemats, trays, cards, cushions and bags. It’s all available in the webshop.

{THANK YOU Astrid, irene xx}

***post by Astrid from HeiAstrid 

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