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Open House on B:Kids

I just posted this very inspiring Open House Tour on B:Kids with Wiebke from Line+Liv...

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Special guest :: Jaime Beattie from PaisleyStClaire

Hope you had a lovely weekend, thanks for coming back to Bloesem ... this week many many posts including some very nice guest-posts like this one ...

{images from  Darling Clementine cards available at Manos}
I'm a huge fan of colour and retro styling so its impossible not to love everything about Darling Clementine's work. In addition to providing designs for interiors and t-shirts, this Norwegian design team serves up the most charming greeting cards and tote bags. Their Haberdashery Series is inspired by vintage Scandinavian ceramics and the Marionette series features animals which were inspired by 1950´s finger puppets. Darling Clementine products are available in their online shop or at Karin Ericksons wonderful shop Manos, right here ...

***post by Jaime Beattie from PaisleyStClaire

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The little family of gorgeous yellow vases are currently standing next to me on my desk, why? because I bought them a little while ago and the talented woman who made them brought them to my house here in Kuala Lumpur, yes brought them, she also lives in Kuala Lumpur and I can't wait to have a coffee with her soon and perhaps go and visit her studio!
{some images I found on Jiawen's blog} I was doing a location search on Etsy and discovered the work by this amazing Malaysian artist. Her name is Jiawen, her shop's name is inkypots ... I want to thank her for beautiful work and will soon come back to her shop, because I have my eyes set on some bowls too...{Thanks Jiawen for number 5!}

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Sale at Horne


Just thought you might like to be informed about a sale over at the Horne ... 15% of on all Michele de Lucchi lights, this sale will end on Monday May 25.  Michele de Lucchi is a wonderful Italian architect (mostly commercial) who also works in furniture, lighting and home accessories. Horne not only carries these lights in their awesome online shop they also have a great collection home accessories like the ones below that I truly love.

{MUD pebble bowl and teatowel from the Japanese company, Fog Linen Work}  Ryan Walker and Alissa Parker (a newly wed couple!) launched their online shop with the idea to combine their personal styles of their perspective upbringings, country rustic and eclectic European. Ryan says he is the classic minimalist while Alissa is a free spirit ... would you like to see more of their own home, then click here for a nice sneak peak over Design*Sponge.Hornehome

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Nienke Sybrandy :: help

I truly enjoy writing posts like these ... about a true artist that gives me so much inspiration, new ideas and a new way of looking at things that you so easily take for granted ... since the last time I wrote about Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy she has created some amazing new work for several projects ...
'Bladerportretten = Leave Portraits' is the name of this stunning project which I believe Nienke does for herself in her own home ... every time a leaves falls from her plant she engraves a small face in it, gives it a date tag and places it in a keepsake box ... this way a family tree from the plant is being created ... unbelievable how real the faces look ... Bloemstilleven_NienkeSybrandy
For InsideDesign 2008 Nienke Sybrandy gave a whole new meaning to the word flower-arrangements ... she was asked by the people from InsideDesign to turn one of the rooms of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam into a PlantCabinet ... and so she did in her own special way ... on the wall you could find this still-live of flowers ... print of a flower arrangement in vase and then cut ou from the paper.
 Some gorgeous 2-dimensional porcelain Herbariumvases ... find more images right here to see how special these vases are ...
and I love these fresh and fun looking flower cushions that don't need any watering ... soon Nienke is going to add them to her online shop, if you are already interested in buying themthen just send Nienke an email ...

HELP :: Nienke asked me whether I could help her find somebody in New York who might be interested in showing her designs in a Gallery or if somebody can give her a name of who to contact in New York for a possible review/exhibition of her gorgeous work?? Nienke will be so happy if you could help her find the right person .... please send Nienke an email or leave a cmment if you do ...

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Thank You Ite

For all the mom-readers, I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day, mine was perfect ... I was really spoiled, not so much with presents from my children, a nice song and a big Kiss was more than enough for me, but i did receive a present on Saturday from a Bloesem reader ... I can tell you it was a HUGE surprise and it touched me tremendously! This gorgeous vintage plate from Stone Manor, called 'Kissing Cousins', a beautiful wooden spoon, lovely fabric and two art cards were in the gift box ... the message said something like: 'thank you for the daily inspiration and the wonderful vintage ceramic weekend read' ... well i have to say Thank You Ite for sending me this and for being a Bloesem reader ... it makes me so happy that you enjoy what I'm trying to accomplish here on Bloesem ... your message, presents and lovely words make me feel so positive about the world we live in, that people are still very good for each other and that my sons can grow up in a positive world and this idea made my Mothers Day very special!
Please Ite from Belgium send me your email address so I can get in touch with you....
And for anyone who knows where to buy more of these gorgeous vintage plates from Mikasa please let me know too, I think this plate deserves some company on the wall where I'm planning to hang it.

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