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Nienke Sybrandy :: help

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 by Irene Hoofs

I truly enjoy writing posts like these ... about a true artist that gives me so much inspiration, new ideas and a new way of looking at things that you so easily take for granted ... since the last time I wrote about Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy she has created some amazing new work for several projects ...
'Bladerportretten = Leave Portraits' is the name of this stunning project which I believe Nienke does for herself in her own home ... every time a leaves falls from her plant she engraves a small face in it, gives it a date tag and places it in a keepsake box ... this way a family tree from the plant is being created ... unbelievable how real the faces look ... Bloemstilleven_NienkeSybrandy
For InsideDesign 2008 Nienke Sybrandy gave a whole new meaning to the word flower-arrangements ... she was asked by the people from InsideDesign to turn one of the rooms of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam into a PlantCabinet ... and so she did in her own special way ... on the wall you could find this still-live of flowers ... print of a flower arrangement in vase and then cut ou from the paper.
 Some gorgeous 2-dimensional porcelain Herbariumvases ... find more images right here to see how special these vases are ...
and I love these fresh and fun looking flower cushions that don't need any watering ... soon Nienke is going to add them to her online shop, if you are already interested in buying themthen just send Nienke an email ...

HELP :: Nienke asked me whether I could help her find somebody in New York who might be interested in showing her designs in a Gallery or if somebody can give her a name of who to contact in New York for a possible review/exhibition of her gorgeous work?? Nienke will be so happy if you could help her find the right person .... please send Nienke an email or leave a cmment if you do ...

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