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Pattern paradise from SuTurno

Aren't these tiles not just gorgeous!!! If I ever were to buy a new home I would definitely consider putting these tiles somewhere, perhaps in the kitchen, or a floor or bathroom ... wow they really are special and they are designed by the people from Su Turno, a creative studio in Madrid with their own brand.

A wide range of design services are available at SuTurno. They have been comissioned to design prints, patterns and products by a large number of top brands. The patterns you will find on their site are awesome and I wish I could buyne of their cushions, but you have to contact them to check product availability and or points of sale. {via BettyJoy}

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Capebags Yes this week more fashion accessories then ever before on Bloesem ... but i don't think you mind when seeing this bright colored Union Jack shoulder bag made by Kimberly from CapeBags and the funky bib, love the fabric used, not so childish, but beautiful and warm... If you visit CapeBags on etsy you will find many more beautiful handmade clothes for children and here you can read a bit more about Kimberly...

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Category: Fashion

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Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter is my favorite 'paper-designer' from the Netherlands, she makes fantasitc and unique paper products to make every party more fesitve and nice ... I already told you about her garlands, wish boats and angels ... but recently she added these supernice lanterns to her collection ... Jurianne sells them per 7 in a package and you can order them online by sending Jurianne an email or have a look at the online stockists ...

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Category: Dutch design

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Donna Wilson

Can I please lay down here ... a new baby is just fantastic but also very tiresome ... he still wakes up every 2,5 to 3 hours so you can probably imagine that I would do anything for a long night sleep and it would of course even be better when surrounded by these beautiful accessories from Donna Wilson and how about some 'breakfast in bed' ... read a little more here ...

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Hello, hope you enjoyed your weekend ... like is said in a previous post i'm in the mood for fashion shopping and reading lot's of magazines and blogs to get inspiration for our move to the new house, so exciting ... from all jewelry I love necklaces the most, people who know me know that I don't wear a lot but when going out I always love try a necklace and these ones from Jimena are typical ones that you could see me wearing... I love the combination of materials and the colors ... and you can find them right here ... and would you like to know a little more about the talented women behind the jewelry then click here...

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Category: Jewelry

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a new look .... hope you like it ... wish you a great weekend! irene xx


... and a big Thank You to Lisa Cameron for all your help!

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