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New wallpaper from Studio Ditte

Studio Ditte, a design studio from the Netherlands, brings new inspiration for your walls ... wallpaper ribbon colorful ... and yes colorful it is, maybe a bit much for an entire wall, but it would definetly look awesome on a smaller wall to bring some 'extra' cheer to your home ... wallpaper is avaliable online right here ...

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Category: Dutch design

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Open House

a new Open House Tour on BloesemKids ... with Lisa Golightly from Kiki&Polly ... enjoy!

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the small object

I'm usually not a big fan of tissue box covers ... but when I spotted a great tutorial or DIY project on the fantasic website of the Small Object I changed my mind and understand how a tissue box cover can look nice in your home...


Sarah Neuburger from the Small Object creates the most lovely little things which you can buy in her shop, but I often visit her website because she so very kind to share with us super handy tips for DIY projects and lovely free downloads... Sarah believes "Sharing is good" and I believe that too...

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New PS Collection by Hella Jongerius (again) for IKEA

Why did I miss these incredible new wall-hangings from Hella Jongerius for IKEA when I visited IKEA yesterday here in Malaysia ... maybe I was to focused on getting some things for the small nursery we are creating for the new baby ... or the wall-hangings haven't arrived yet in Kuala Lumpur IKEA, but one thing is for sure, I will visit again this week and try to buy one of them, they could even look very beautiful in the new baby bedroom?
The wall hangings are part of the PS collection and consists of three different pieces, Pelle, Mikkel and Gullspira. Hella Jongerius created them for the IKEA-Unicef programme, which helps women in India to start up small sewing businesses and enables their children to go to school. Sources of inspiration are the animals that feature in Swedish fairy tales.
Drawing by Hella Jongerius for the new wall-hangings for IKEA, the deer wall-hanging is called Gullspira.
{ps. if you would like to know whether your IKEA is selling them give the customer service at your IKEA one of these article numbers:80144599, 80154258, 60154259 and they should be able to tell whether they carry the items}

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2 or 3 things...

Just some things I really like ... beautiful wooden pieces by Greg Gallegos, an independent and self taught Michigan craftsman with an online store called Natural Selection Studio ... 

The brand new grogeous collection from one of my favorite new UK designers, Virginia Armstrong ... Roddy&Ginger ...


I LOVE Angela Liguori's new 'numerals brocaded ribbons', made in Italy and directly imported from Rome.

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Welcome to Bloesem's new sponsor jaturon! A new design studio creating hand printed fabric bags, table-runners and paper goods and some lovely special Valentine’s Day items like the flower pouches ... but  at jaturon's webshop you can also find other labels from small design companies, like the pillow from Jenna Rose .. and this is only the beginning jaturon is planning to carry many more items from their own label and guest-labels.

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