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Strap stool


Still a prototype, but hopefully this year the gorgeous Strap Stool by Belgium designer Diane Steverlynck will be in production and available for us to buy!

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I really enjoyed this 'teatowel' article on the Etsy Storque last weekend by flyingrhymes ... some of my absolute favorites were ...
... the very bright, colorful and 'brighten up your kitchen' teatowels from my dear blog friend, Francesca from Mrs.ElliotBooks.
... and the teatowles from Elisabeth Bentz, I'm also happy I discovered her blog, good long while, a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the beautiful images and sphere Elisabeth is sharing with us.
Some previous designs by Elisabeth Bentz, which I hope will sooon be available in her shop again.

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Category: Kitchen stuff

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When I first saw these gorgeous cabinets over at the lovely blog Visual-Notes they reminded me of the chest of drawers called Decades by WIS design ... I have no idea who  came first with this very clever concept ... and frankly I don't really care, I just know Ilike both concepts very much and I think the chests from German based design studio, Schubladen are fantatstic! SchubLaden, means ´drawers´ in German is a unique shop in the Berlin-Kreuzberg´s Graefedistrict and it is devoted to the reuse of old unmated drawers ... hooray for re-cycling!

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Indiefixx :: Going Out of Business Sale

Unfortunately the lovely Jen from the IndieFixx shop has decided to close up the shop ...this was not an easy decision for her, because opening a boutique has been a dream of her ever since she was a little girl. Jen started her own jewelry line (tiltingswiftly.com), and later Indie Fixx the blog, but soon her interest in promoting other indie artists grew and her goal was to open an online boutique and later a brick and mortar shop, but running an online shop is a very labor intensive endeavor and other aspects of her life had begun to suffer as a result ... so the tough decision has been made ... the official last day of the Indie Fixx Shop will be March 15th and there is a 'Going Out of Business Sale' until then, or at least until my goods sell out ... everything is on sale from 10% - 50% off and no coupon code is necessary. Plus, every order will receive a free Chocolate Bon Bon Soap, while supplies last!!

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{prints from Sarstar'77, available at their etsy shop}

....... ssshhht ... just want to share another little secret with you ... something completely different than interior design ... but I used to be a HUGE Queen fan when I was younger and yesterday evening I downloaded some of my favorite Queen songs and have been listening to them all day long ... it made me soo HAPPY :: *I was born to love you*let me live*love of my life*somebody to love*it's a hard life*it's a beautiful day*you're my best friend and above all ... *jealousy ... the funny thing is not many people expected me to be a Queen fan, i didn't look like one at all, but next to my love for R&B and soul and Prince I secretly admired the amazing Freddy Mercury, so today a little ode to him, the most talented musician of all times ... he truly was a genius!

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Dee Beale

I found these great images of Dee Beale's beautiful gocco prints in my inbox this morning ... Dee is a designer printmaker based in the UK ... available in her etsy shop ... 

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