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Twig Sale

One of my dear sponsors, Twig is having a big sale TODAY on all Fall/Winter (and past seasons) clothes and shoes for grown ups and little ones  ... everything is an extra 20% off.  The magical discount code = WINTER20 when checking out ... last until January 15th ....

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VT wonen


a page full with inspirational images ... VT Wonen is a very nice Dutch magazine, which I always ask my family to bring when they visit me ... luckily their website gives me some good insight in what is going on in the Netherlands right now ... {ps. maybe using google translate is a good idea}

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Rain by Sandra Juto


I just ordered this gorgeous 'Rain' print from Smosch aka Sandra Juto ... and can't wait to see it arrive in our mailbox ... a small early-birthday present for myself ... yes next week it's my birthday and I'm the kind of person who never really celebrates this, but this year it feels different and I'm going to invite many of my friends ... i'm thankful for another year of happiness and good health and looking forward to a new year ... of course I can't possibly tell you how 'old' I am going to be....

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Thank you all for the nice comments and friendly emails to the new 'uncluttered' Bloesem and speaking of uncluttering ... I am really in the mood to unclutter our house also and images with gorgeous furniture from Pinch are good examples for me of how I would like to see some of our corners in our apartment ...

Pinch is the collaboration between husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon ... after graduating Russel worked as Sir Terence Conran’s design assistant and became a senior product designer for the Conran Group ... Oona joined Pinch full time in 2006 ... Pinch sells their furniture direct to the public and if you live in the London area you can see view their wonderful designs at their South London Showroom ... more information right here ...

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A new series of ink sketches on vintage German songbook pages by the lovely Susan from Arte Esprit ... the songbook pages were given to her by her friend Angie of omondieu! this summer in Germany ... the original sketches are all available at Susan's etsy shop ...

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Uncluttered ...


With a little hard work I have re-designed and uncluttered my dear Bloesem ... I really needed to organise, categorise and minimise my beloved blog ... after two years of collecting many posts and cluttering up my sidebanners I wasn't very happy anymore with the layout and thought let's go back to the beginning ... the reason why I started this blog ... showing and sharing with you beautiful work by designers form all over the world ... uncluttered… so what does that mean exactly?

Cleaner and sleek design of the Bloesem home- and subpages… better categorization of posts, easier access to Bloesem's special reads and world tours ... easy acces to subscribe to feeds and a link to my facebook page … in sum, less is more … and I hope you enjoy the new face of Bloesem ... looking forward to a new year with many exciting designs for our homes!

{ps. during the weekend I password protected Bloesem's mainpage which I had to do unfortunately to finish the redesign, and I truly appreciate all the worried emails I received from you, but the password is gone, if you still have difficulties accessing, please use the refresh button}

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