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Wednesday, 17 December 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Stephanie Levy's Advent Wreath and Centrepiece
*Advent Wreath
I started making an advent wreath each year after moving to Europe. In Germany, one candle is lit on each Advent Sunday until Christmas. Traditionally, family and friends gather together to enjoy cookies, cakes, gingerbread, and hot mulled wine or tea by candlelight on each of these Sundays to celebrate the holiday season. The atmosphere of the candles combined with the spicy Christmas delicacies is something special! People create all sorts of advent wreaths in different styles and colors. Feel free to use your imagination! To make this year's advent wreath, I used :
* a purchased wreath of fresh greenery  (These are easy to find at florist's shops here in Germany during Advent season, but of course you could make one yourself if you are so inclined.)
* mini glass ornaments, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, star anise, red lacquered berries, candle holders, florist's pins, florist's wire, wreath candle holders, and long-lasting handmade Danish candles (All items available at a florist or craft shop.)
* to assemble : First, I added the candles in their holders to the wreath. I wrapped the cinnamon sticks in little bundles with thin florist's wire, as well as the orange slices and star anise to make them easier to attach with the florist's pins. The mini ornaments and red berries were already attached to wire, making them easy to press into the wreath. It is a good idea to place the finished wreath on a large ceramic or metal plate or platter for safety reasons because of the burning candles.
Light a candle, turn on your favorite Christmas music, make your favorite hot beverage, get out the spice cookies or cake, and enjoy :)
* Centerpieces
To make your holiday table more festive, it is nice to have a centerpiece with candles. These also create a cozy atmosphere in a windowsill or a side table. I have created a more traditional centerpiece and a more modern, glitzy one. Both are fast and simple, and only take a few minutes to assemble.
For the traditional Centerpiece I used:
* 4 red candles in different sizes, a platter covered in gold leaf, mini pine cones, mini red Christmas ornaments, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices
* Arrange candles and decoration on your platter as you wish, light your candles, and you have instant glow!

* * * Stephanie Levy
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