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Thursday, 11 December 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Sidsel's beautiful capice shells with prints for the Christmas Tree
{the nice owl is available right here}
I kind of grew up in my aunt and uncle´s big store with crafts supplies – so I´ve been crafting all my life. And one of the reasons why I started my blog was to share my little craft projects and to dig into the huge amount of crafty inspiration you can find online these days.
But being a mom and running my own graphic designstudio – doesn´t leave me with much time left for crafting these days – so Christmas is always a good occasion to craft a little and I always try to create something new and simple.
This year I was inspired by some capice shells I had bought in Asia – but I think you can get hold of them almost everywhere – and I tried to transfer some of my photos and prints onto them – and really liked the combination of the delicate shell and the graphic prints .
Here´s how to do it:
1. Print or copy some images or text (reversed) – works with boht colour and black - on normal office paper. (the trick is to find the printer that works best with your glue.)
2. Cut out the print in shape of the shell.
3. Apply a binder/medium/glue to the paper – and press the paper onto the shell.
4. Let the binder/medium/glue dry completely and soak the shell in cold water and rub of the paper carefully with a sponge or finger.
5. Let the shell dry and put a string on the shell – and voila – your own capice shell with a print.
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