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The Weekly Gallery

I saw so many nice and interesting things at other blogs and in my inbox last week,  that I thought I share them with you in a new Weekly Gallery just before the weekend starts ...


Yvonne just announced the publication of her fantastic book "The Yvestown Book - vol.1" ...congratulations!


Labpartners just added a couple great new prints to their shop ... and the lion print was created to help raise money for the Uganda Village Project Scholarship Fund ...


Very original and sweet Christmas cards by two lovely ladies from Belgium ... Vlijtigeliesjes


The wonderful December pikapackage giveaway ... click here for more info ... or go directly to Amy's shop.


Nicole's beautiful Land Bird prints from Freshlyblended press available right here ...wish you all a fantastic weekend!

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Sidsel's beautiful capice shells with prints for the Christmas Tree
{the nice owl is available right here}
I kind of grew up in my aunt and uncle´s big store with crafts supplies – so I´ve been crafting all my life. And one of the reasons why I started my blog was to share my little craft projects and to dig into the huge amount of crafty inspiration you can find online these days.
But being a mom and running my own graphic designstudio – doesn´t leave me with much time left for crafting these days – so Christmas is always a good occasion to craft a little and I always try to create something new and simple.
This year I was inspired by some capice shells I had bought in Asia – but I think you can get hold of them almost everywhere – and I tried to transfer some of my photos and prints onto them – and really liked the combination of the delicate shell and the graphic prints .
Here´s how to do it:
1. Print or copy some images or text (reversed) – works with boht colour and black - on normal office paper. (the trick is to find the printer that works best with your glue.)
2. Cut out the print in shape of the shell.
3. Apply a binder/medium/glue to the paper – and press the paper onto the shell.
4. Let the binder/medium/glue dry completely and soak the shell in cold water and rub of the paper carefully with a sponge or finger.
5. Let the shell dry and put a string on the shell – and voila – your own capice shell with a print.
* * * Spagat
* * * Spagat online shop
* * * Spagat blog

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Category: Holiday Decoration

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Student Of The Month


Christine Schmidt from Yellow Owl Workshop is Student Of The Month over at ReForm School and her exclusive collection original paintings for ReForm School are just super and very affordable ... here you can find them all ...

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Nostalgia Button jewelry

Very original Nostalgia Button jewelry handmade by Elin from Sägen Butik ... Elin ran into an interesting older man at a fleamarket when he was selling these buttons, she fell madly in love with all of them and could not decide which one to buy. He told her that the buttons came from old shops that had closed down and that he had travelled around Europe to collect buttons from these shops as his hobby when he was younger ... Elin knew exactly what to do with them and now they are available in her online shop!

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Category: Jewelry

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BloesemKids Holiday Gift Guide 2008

Gift Guides giving you Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season can be found on many of the wonderful blogs on the net ... I decided to create a special one for Bloesem Kids ... because the whole giving presents tradition is especially nice for the children and there are so many fantastic and unique items for them available online ... I have categorized them in ten different categories and I hope you will enjoy my selection right here...

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Tara Hogan's creative Christmas ideas
We usually do not get a tree anymore so I have been buying eucalyptus and decorating it. If you purchase a large quantity you can really create a dramatic tree and hang ornaments and lights from it. A large clear glass or milk glass vase with pebbles in the bottom works nice. I love the shape of the leaves and who says you need to get a traditional tree. I would feel better decorating a pine tree outside with white lights. I have become closer to trees and I like the idea of leaving them in the ground as much as possible.
*Tin Vintage Ornaments
I  have all of my grandmother's vintage tin ornaments. I love placing them in decorative milk glass cake pedestals or wooden bowls. If you can get your hands on vintage holiday ornaments you can do a lot with them. They can be hung in front of windows at all different levels for contrast and it creates a stunning look in any home.
*Handmade Cards
I  love making things by hand and made this holiday card out of a 3" x 7" red vintage tag. You can find these tags on eBay or at antique stores. They already have a hole at the top if you want to use as an ornament or gift tag. I stitched this tag with with white thread to create garland.
I have a lot of paper materials to work from in a large box. I save all my Anthropologie catalogs as they make for great pieces in a collage. Old books, wallpaper scraps, scraps from a hole puncher, you name it, I have it here.
Paper-chain-hanging *Paper Mobile or Garland
All of these paper scraps can make an interesting Holiday mobile or paper chain as well. I used some small metal red bells and misc paper scraps left over from my collages. You could add you popcorn to this too and have a really fun chain link full of recycled materials. It looks romantic, vintage, and fun.
*Laser cut Ornaments or Wallhangings or Trivets
This year I began to make laser cut wooden ornaments out of scrap wood. The laser cut pears are a new addition for INK+WIT. All you need is bakers twine and you have a lovely ornament. Even past the holidays.

I experimented in making these larger and  love how they sit in the window. Right now they are unfinished but I may paint them. If you research laser cutters in your aree or online you can easily send them your designs to make ornaments or wall hangings. They also work as trivets on the dining room table

* * * INK+WIT

* * * Tara Hogan Art

* * * INK+WIT Shop

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Category: Holiday Decoration

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