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Small update: thanks everybody for your wonderful comments and emails, so nice to feel all your support, unfortunately we have to stay another night, but Lode definitely is feeling much better already ...

I received all your emails and attachments, but won't be able to respond until I'm back home, thanks for your patience!

Hi everybody ... sorry to let you know that I won't be back until Friday  Monday with some new posts ... after a very rough night with my son not feeling well the doctor has decided that it's better for him to stay in the hospital for one night two nights so he can get better ... they call it an acute asthma attack ... very hard to see your little one struggling so hard to get some air ... but he is still all smiles and that makes me happy too. 

Hope to see you back on Friday  Monday and if you are interested in a Fantastic Giveaway please head over to B:Kids, you can win an $ 100 gift voucher!!!!!!

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Daniel To and Emma Aiston recently presented their first collection together at the Tokyo design week ... and I LOVE it ... the collection is called 'Shapes'. They both studied industrial design at the University of South Australia.
This desk fan would be so nice and perfect for my desk here in warm Kuala Lumpur. Daniel and Emma's product design aim is 'just to be nice' and I think they are succeeding very well in achieving this! In the upper image you can find the wonderful dinnerset, shaped in a pentagon, triangle, square and circle! And listening to a radio with buttons like these will be more fun. Here you can find their website and please send them an email if you would like to require some more information.

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Hello and welcome back ... I hope you had a nice weekend just like me. Last week when I was visiting Kiki&Polly's blog I discovered this great etsy shop, called FilzFelt and I saw Jan mentioning them too ... I totally understand why FilzFelt gets this attention, their thick layers of felt are simply gorgeous and usable in so many ways. I also have felt coasters at home and I never get bores when seeing them laying on the table.

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ReForm School

Reformschool_front If I was living in Los Angeles I would visit Billie and Tootie new location for their incredible shop, ReForm School, this weekend ... the shop moved down the street last week from their previous location to a bigger and brighter outlet on a prime spot in the same street ... but for you who don't live there just visit their website and shop online and you can find just as many fantastic pieces from artists and designers from all over the world including from some of my home country, the Netherlands ....
Like Esther Derkx and her superb Improved Crockery pieces, with screenprints from quirky images that she has placed onto vintage crockery in a perfect manner. The retro photos of flirty gymnasts, dancers & divers give old teapots, platters, butter dishes, etc. a fresh upgrade and available right here at ReForm School.
This Family Lace Tea Towel by Alyson Fox is just to beautiful to be a tea towel .. more like apiece of art on linen, ps. did you see her lovely wedding pictures on Design*Sponge the other day? ... and since the moment I first saw the Log Bowls by Loyal Loot I have kept them on my wish list and maybe with Christmas I might consider treating myself to one of those ... wish ou all a wonderful weekend and hope to see you back on Monday!

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The Weekly Gallery

Wonting Christine from Wonting just send over her new prints, the color combinations are great!Wannekes
Dinamita white by Jaime Hayón fro Bosa, available at Wannekes ... and ... Porte-Savon Sain & Sauf from Tsé & Tsé associées design by Catherine Lévy en Sigolène Prébois, available at Wannekes ...
Orgel by Wis design, A table lamp where the lamp holders are attached to each other with a textile cable. Rearrange the shape of the lamp from a traditional Swedish Advent candlestick, into a decorative light for a year around usage. The lamp is available in white or red textile cable, provided with a dimmer
avialable at Smålandsdesign Presentcorrect Neal from Present&Correct has been busy printing their own fantastic line of  Christmas cards ... love them!


A lovely indie craft company called Sew Bettie  just released a new line of 100% cotton fabrics,  designed and handmade from their Chicago studio.


...have you already seen the newest issue of Mankind Mag? It is as wonderful as always and I was very honored with the special mentioning from Dawanda's founder Claudia Helming in her interview for this issue, THANKS Claudia!

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I just finished writing a post on B:Kids that I thought you might be interested too ... the very talented Lisa Golightly from Kiki&Polly is offering a discount to the B:Kids readers on her fantastic work in her shop ...

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