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Tryst by Kerry

... everybody who is celebrating today ... Happy Thanksgiving ...


{a large vintage brass locket with a hand screened image of a little wren}
I don't write about jewelry very often on Bloesem ... I guess I'm not a person who wears a lot of jewelry either, but jewelry like this is what I Love, it has so much character and style ... Kerry from Toronto, is the women who creates these unique pieces, she started designing jewelry under the tryst name in the summer of 2006 as a creative escape from the technical and scientific stresses that came with being a university student.


Ad how about these antique Acorns for your ears, they are vintage as well, Kerry carefully wire wrapped them and simply hung them on an antiqued brass shepherd's hooks, wonderfully lightweight with a matte satin finish ... Kerry not only loves to use nature inspired objects for the Tryst collection she is also very  consciousness for the environment, she always tries to reduce the amount of mining required to extract metal from the earth ... please visit her website and shop right here ...

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Category: Jewelry

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Dolan Geiman


I love 'Mr. Whale' ... created by the very talented mixed media artist Dolan Geiman ... Dolan is already wellknown in the US and I'm sure he soon will conquer the rest of the world with his beautiful paintings, collages, constructions, and limited-edition reproductions ... which you can find on his website and online shop ...

The images above show you some peices from the Rescued Wood Constructions, which I truly like! Dolan creates a lot but he wouldn't be able to make so many different pieces and run a business without the excellent help of his partner Ali Walsh, she says she is very much the left-brained partner ..."I can barely draw a stick figure, but I sure love my Excel spreadsheets and RSS feeds"
... right now Dolan Geiman is having a fantastic Holiday Sale, read more about it right here on their blog ...perfect presents!!

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Modish Marketplace


{image above from Mudpuppy and Stephanie Levy} Another new project or website or what shall i call was launched recently ... Jena Coray, editor of the well-known handmade lifestyle blog, Modish ... started The Modish Marketplace ... a very nice place on the web where you can come to shop for deals and discounts on your favorite handmade, vintage and indie goods...

{Image from BirdDogPressThe Marketplace was created by Jena as an incentive for shoppers to buy handmade and support independent designers ... every month new listings from some of the best indie shops around the web are presented here in a very practical and handy way for you to go directly to online shops from the indie sellers and best of all many discount coupons are provided via the Marketplace that you won't find anywhere else.

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Have you already seen it ... Holly and Ez have started a new online project, called "Kindred", through Kindred they want to share creative projects that they are dreaming up together. Their first project is "Wallpapered Together", where they have invited some nice artisits to create a wallpaper, like Tara from Ink+Wit in the image below ... more information right here.Kindred

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1000 posts! + 25% discount


This is post number 1000 on the main page of Bloesem .... YEAH ... time to celebrate and it's nice that one my most loyal sponsors... Twig ... would like to offer all of you a 25% discount on all the items in the beautiful shop, only exception is the Wear – Sale category ... this is a great opportunity to buy one of Ana's amazing prints, a necklace from Margaret Solow .. or a gorgeous handmade soft-doll from Jess Brown, have fun shopping and here's to another 1000 posts for Bloesem!

:: The discount code is B:Holiday  and this 25% discount is valid through December 15th ::

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We're back home!! And my son is feeling much better. Thank you so much for all the wonderful emails and comments!! Hopefully this will be a normal week for all of us and I'm trying to get back in my 'Bloesem-feel' bringing you some great designs,rafts and arts from all over the world and what better way to do this than by showing you the newest designs from Leif.Designpark ...Leifdesignpark

I was searching the internet for a new post for B:Kids when I saw several blogs showing the new children's furniture from Leif.designpark and I had to show it of course ... I really believe that these are the most incredible chairs for children I have ever seen! They are the 'Tone-chairs' and they are especially designed to give kids a natural and positive surrounding ... and are available right here ... (I even love the wall against whom they are being photographed) And they have designed more ... 


... a gorgeous kids chair-2 seater called Lotta ... isn't the yellow combines with the grey not superb for a kids room? ... Japanese design team, Leif.designpark truly brings such a splendid collection constantly and I hope we will soon here when and where production is going to take place ... Leif.designpark

I could easily show you all images from Leif.designpark's website, but please go and have a look for yourself ... I only give you a small image of 'Stocka' ... a new approach to store things ... beautiful!! 

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