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Sarah Shepard

{textile designs by Sarah Shepherd for the film industry}
Sarah Shepherd is a textile designer, once for films like Narnia and Middle Earth, but now for her own range of textiles ... beautiful aprons, teatowles, table cloths and napkins all inspired by the natural world of her homeland, New Zealand. But Sarah currently lives in London on her blog you can read more about her personal life. You can buy her fantastic collection online and there even is a September sale going on ... up to 50% of selected items.. click here to find out more!


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Jocelyn Warner

Jocelynwarner_peony{wallpaper Peony by Jocelyn Warner}
This image really appealed to me when I first saw it, because the pattern is very suttle, but yet very strong ... I'm not a huge fan of bold patterns on any of our walls, I do like it however at other peoples houses ... I guess it's a bit too daring for me, but a pattern like this could look really nice as a background for a dining area or entrance ... The wallpaper is designed by Jocelyn Warner from London ... Jocelyn has a whole range of beautiful wallpapers, lights and rugs, which she sells under her own label.Jocelynwarner_kew This wallpaper is called 'Kew' and you can obviously see that Jocelyn is inspired by nature. She loves to transform images from nature into simple forms. In one of her interviews I read that Jocelyn has always had an interest in the design world especially with repeated structures and patterns. Growing up in a 1960's house designed by her architect farther and filled with fabrics and furniture by John Piper, Lucienne and Robin Day inspired her appetite for textiles.Jocelynwarner_orchidrug
During 100% Design 2008 (September 18-21) in London you can find Jocelyn Warner presenting new wallpapers and their gorgeous our new rug Orchid.

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Little Paper Planes

Last Saturday my dear friend Kelly launched her brand new Little Paper Plane website...congratulations Kelly!
In addition to the new website Kelly has organized an exhibition at Tinlark Gallery in Hollywood, where 10 artists including Alyson Fox, Julianna Swaney, Michelle Armas and Katy Horan each show a five inches by seven inches exclusive art piece for LLP ... and of course Little Paper Planes offers these prints online.
Kelly told me that for this first show she chose artists that complimented each other aesthetically though each having a unique voice within their work ... at the new website you can also find clothing, accessoiries and paper goods ... and in case you didn't know ... Kelly is a very talented artist herself, click here to read more...

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The Weekly Gallery

Another end of our 'working-week'...I hope you enjoyed this week's posts on Bloesem...wish you a very lovely weekend and hope to see you back next week...Makool

These are such beautiful necklaces, called Ida and Pink Honey by Stone&Honey, available at Makool Loves You!ThepaintedforestBeautiful Silk textile postcard sets in blue or red by Amy Wright, available in her shop, The Painted Forest.Skinnylaminx
...another cushion cover from Skinny laminx that I really like! ... 'Duck Egg Eep' is available right here...Amyrice{Amy Rice for Affirmations} A new exhibition at Artstreamstudios for you to go and see if you live in the Rochester, NH neighborhood ... Affirmations ... four women artists from Australia to New York and in between! But if you can't make it here you can view the work online from these talented women,  Amy Rice, Penelope Dullaghan, Flossy-P and Sian Keegan.Flossyp_2 {Flossy P for Affirmations}

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Nina Jobs


{pattern design by Nina Jobs called Tweed for the Kreation series}
With a smile on my face was I scrolling to Nina Jobs her site yesterday ... I really like her style, designs and patterns. Nina Jobs is an Swedish industrial designer with a background in graphic design. She lives in Stockholm and from her studio she works for some big brands like Ikea, H&M and for the Museum of Modern Art New York.


For the company David Design Sweden, Nina has designed the beautiful textile series, called Jungle, that includes this cushion and a large, round tray, both online available at the Scandinavian Design Center.

... I really like these flexible bowls in China with the cork lid from Nina Jobs, but I couldn't find a place were you can buy them, I think they were made especially for a corporate client. But anyhow, they are gorgeous to look at and I'm sure some of you will find them very inspirational.If you have any questions for Nina I would suggest just sending her an email. Have fun visiting her website.

...and if you were hoping to see this Weeks Gallery ... don't worry tomorrow it will be there with many nice designs, arts and textiles ... I just wanted to share this with you today...

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Marieke's favorite design pieces in her house

When I (= Marieke) moved in with my boyfriend, now husband, I didn't have much beautiful furniture, only old worn IKEA student stuff that I didn't even want to move out of super small student studio. Time for a fresh start I thought! Strangely enough I never really felt at home until I got some pieces from our old home, that my parents moved out of. I set them up as my "studio", a corner of our lower floor. The big cabinet holds almost everything I need for my work, such as tools, paint, office supplies, fabric, my administration. It's as full as can be!

This easel is my mother's and to me one of most valuable objects in our house. Unfortunately my mother cannot use it anymore, but it does bring happy memories - as a little girl I always used to hang around in my mom's studio looking at her working. I don't work standing behind it but I always put stuff on it, work in progress, to look at and comtemplate what needs improvement ... In a way, the cabinet, the table and the easel form my own private childhood museum, wherever it will stand, I can bring upon myself the mood to make things and think how extremely lucky I am to do what I love best.

:: Marieke's blog Treats and Treasures ::

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