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I have seen so many very interesting images on the web last week that I decided to show them to you today instead of a Weekly Gallery...i hope you don't blame me...for instance this livingroom is from and made by photographer Mari Eriksson and her blog is called Angel at Table...


CamillaelisabethAnd how about the new shared studio from Elizabeth Dunker and Camilla Engman ... I could easily live here and working in a place like this must be wonderful ... can't wait to see all their new ideas, products and art coming from here ...



Via Jordan's blog, Oh Happy Day I found the beautiful images by Tim Rundle, he has a very inspirational flickr website with lot's of beautiful images.Townmouse_studio_spools_2 On Monday Kristine Lempriere from Townmouse was my guest at B:Kids's Open House Tour ... she lives with her family in Australia and opened up her doors for us ...


And I already wanted to share this gorgeous image with you ... next Monday Christine Martinez from the very inspiring online shop Lama will bring us a special report from Buenos Aires on Bloesem ... i have seen all her images already and they are fantastic! ... don't forget to come and visit on Monday and tomorrow of course!

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Okay ...this is of course makes me HAPPY! Martha Stewart was airing a special show about blogging last Wednesday and she invited some famous bloggers to her show ... Of course I wasn't invited but Bloesem and B:Kids made it to their preference list on their website ...thank you so much Jodi Levine! Some of the famous bloggers were Stephanie and Mav from 3191 and you can see them here in this video-clip on Martha's blog...I'm so happy for them and all the exposure for their incredible book is very well-deserved!

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Danielmilchteinpeltsverger{Stacking chairs by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger via Home Rejuvenation}

Like last year the Home Rejuvenation blog is holding a contest for the '10 Most Influential Design Bloggers' ... and I would like to invite everybody to vote for their favorite 5 blogs ... click here to vote and read what you can win as a voter ... ps. I was reading all the comments and ... wow does this contest stir up some discussion ... what do you think??

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Bguest_yopmuseum Bianca's favorite design pieces in her house
Kokeshi: It was quite funny because I (=Bianca) fell in love with this kokeshi from the moment I saw her. I bought her from Village Idom in Yarraville, a suburb close to where I live. She was very expensive and at the time I didn't realise that I had paid so much for her, but she's too precious to bring back...Sniper movie poster: we bought this poster for a photoshoot that my boyfriend had to do, it is an old movie advertisement poster. It took us a while to find this great poster, going through all the cool old things at Chapel Street Bazaar. It's the best place to shop for vintage, retro props.
Danish cabinet: The cabinet is actually a 6 drawer cabinet that has a huge mirror as well. The mirror is in storage and the cabinet lives in our lounge room with the tv on top. I am a huge fan of danish (like) furniture and keep scanning shops and ebay constantly. My boyfriend is a bit over it now because our house is pretty much full. I (=Bianca) bought this cabinet from ebay and I'm in love with it. It matches our coffee table.
black apple print + stickmeon decal: I have 3 prints from the black apple (theblackapple.etsy.com) in my lounge room and this one is one of my favourites, especially with the little birdie decal from stickmeon. Stickmeon on is based in Melbourne and has great wall decals.

:: Bianca's blog Hollabee ::

:: see other blogger's favorite design pieces 'At Home' ::

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Jesse's favorite design pieces in her house
Jesse_stove_2 The stove was my (=Jesse) grandmother's. It's the only stove she ever owned, and I'm (=Jesse) guessing that it must be about 60 years old now. Made of solid cast iron, moving it takes 4 grown men (or one rather small and determined woman, armed with rugs and towels to slide it along on). It still works perfectly, but unfortunately doesn't fit into my kitchen, being wider than most modern stoves. So for now it's in my bedroom, storing socks and hats and scarves. But even if I couldn't find a use for it, I can't imagine ever getting rid of it.
Jesse_vase_small The vase is by Cornelius Lemmer, a maker of quirky, thoughtful, and beautiful furniture and objects. It was given to me by a friend, and sits on my studio mantelpiece, keeping company with a collection of interesting bottles, broken bits of ceramics, and odd photos I've found on walks.

:: Jesse's blog ::

:: see other blogger's favorite design pieces 'At Home' ::

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Ontwerpduo Joints


Details are everything! Beautiful details make all the difference for any design and that's why I Love this mahogany table or desk so much ...  last June Nathan Wierink graduated Cum Laude from the academy in Eindhoven with two projects and one of them was this table called 'Joints' ... he focused on wood joinery (more about technical details right here) and made the 'joints' the special elements of his table ... the desk is designed to show the joinery and give it prominent place ... Beautiful!Ontwerpduo_jointsdetail

Together with Tineke Beunders, Nathan Wierink runs a very creative design studio in the Netherlands called Ontwerpduo ... I'm sure you have seen their incredible work before on Bloesem and in my opinion they are rapidly becoming the best Dutch designers ...

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Category: Dutch design

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