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Thursday, 11 September 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Marieke's favorite design pieces in her house

When I (= Marieke) moved in with my boyfriend, now husband, I didn't have much beautiful furniture, only old worn IKEA student stuff that I didn't even want to move out of super small student studio. Time for a fresh start I thought! Strangely enough I never really felt at home until I got some pieces from our old home, that my parents moved out of. I set them up as my "studio", a corner of our lower floor. The big cabinet holds almost everything I need for my work, such as tools, paint, office supplies, fabric, my administration. It's as full as can be!

This easel is my mother's and to me one of most valuable objects in our house. Unfortunately my mother cannot use it anymore, but it does bring happy memories - as a little girl I always used to hang around in my mom's studio looking at her working. I don't work standing behind it but I always put stuff on it, work in progress, to look at and comtemplate what needs improvement ... In a way, the cabinet, the table and the easel form my own private childhood museum, wherever it will stand, I can bring upon myself the mood to make things and think how extremely lucky I am to do what I love best.

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