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Piano Nobile

... a new week ... hope you enjoyed your weekend same like we did ... we also bought a new bed and I can't wait to show you the images, but this will be sometime in the beginning of November, so please  be patient ... but here on Bloesem I have some nice things for you planned for this week ... starting with ...Pianonobile_2... Piano Nobile are artists, designers, and builders making some very beautiful things together like fabrics, furniture and jewelry all inspired by nature and they are based in Venice in the USA ... the people from Piano Nobile combine structure and surface design, fine art and fine craft in all their projects. I love the Vollen series by Chadhaus furniture very much, because of the basic lines from the designs and the letting the beautie of the wood speak for itself! Please contact the studio for pricing.

...and these are some of the gorgeous bags with from a limited edition, which feature hand-printed fabrics by sisters Eva Grizzard and Isabelle Grizzard Robertson, who are both designers form the Piano Nobile group ... {via Little Willow

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BloesemKids this week

Two posts last week on B:Kids which I would like to share with you ...  I opened my internet doors for my new B:Kids shop ... offering mainly little shoes for babies and toddlers in leather, cow suede and of course some hand-knitted ones by myself ... all the shoes will be packed in a beautiful little pouch made of 100% silk from fabric that is designed by a famous Malaysian artist, called Peter Hoe...please have a visit right here ...Joslyn_kitchen2_2... and Joslyn from Simple Lovely opened up her doors for us and answered some questions about interior design and blogging in an interview I did with her, thanks Joslyn! ... Open House with Simple Lovely

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Sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless young person doesn’t have to ... this is the openings-sentence on Snurkengoed's website ... of course it made me very curious and when seeing the images I wasn't sure whether the bedding was made out or real carton or cotton ... it looks so real, but it's made out soft 100% cotton and you can really sleep under it, how fun!! The initiators of Snurkengoed are Erik van Loo and Peggy van Neer from the Netherlands ... you can order this 'crazy fun' bedding online by sending them an email, prices are on the website as well and the good thing is a large proportion of the proceeds from the Snurkengoed quilt covers go to SZN, a foundation for homeless young people in the Netherlands. {ps. 'Snurken' means snoring in Dutch}

{ps. I just received an email from Venka de Rooij from Dutch by Design letting me know that they sell the bedding exclusively on a international basis as Snurk do not have the facilitiesto do this and they donate 30% of Gross profit to a young homeless people charity called Centrepoint, thanks Venka}

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Category: Dutch design

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Erin's favorite design pieces in her house
I (=Erin) am a very literary person, so I’m not surprised that when asked to round up a few items that I’d place in my own private museum, the majority of my picks are reading/writing-related. The first item I’d choose would be my extensive collection of Assouline fashion memoirs. I’m increasingly inspired by the way in which our world evolves and this publisher has curated such a lovely series of how we’ve dressed ourselves in years past. I often leaf through the pages to see our modern interpretation of classic designs in hopes that we never forget the roots of our inspiration. Besides, who wouldn’t want the deepest, darket secrets of word-renowned fashion designers at their fingertips?
Secondly, I chose a round-up of my very favorite objects, both functional and not. I absolutely adore my Tamara Shopsin 5-Year Diary and scribble in it each night before bed. I find it to be therapeutic to imagine myself five years from now, reading how much I’ve grown and laughing at my past mistakes. I also, of course, had to include my favorite writing utensil of all-time: the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie in Black, because without it, I might never journal. Other favorite items are a mother’s letter on her daughter’s wedding day and a few bangles Mexico, a stark contrast of both serious and lighthearted moments in my life.
Lastly, I included my favorite dishware from a flea market, which I just love to use when I eat mini-sandwiches and tea. A rare occasion, but I must admit that sometimes I fix myself a snack just so I can use this piece. It brings me more joy than the food itself, which, for a foodie like me, is a big accomplishment! Thanks, Irene, for such a fun assignment. I think what I learned most about such a daunting task of creating a private museum was that, like any museum, they represent just one portion of history and are ever-changing. I take comfort in knowing that a year from now I may have an entirely different collection and that? That is curation at its best.”

:: Erin from Design for Mankind ::

:: see other blogger's favorite design pieces 'At Home' ::

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Christine reporting from Buenos Aires


This is such a happy way to start this new week with .. a super nice report from one of the most colorful and if I may believe passionate cities in the world, Buenos Aires,  written by a fantastic women, Christine Martinez,  who owns the very nice online shop, Lama selling South American goodies from artisits from that region ...
Buenosaires_3_3 Please enjoy this report with some amazing images, makes you dream of going there...

* * * Buenos Aires report

* * *Christine's beautiful shop Lama
* * *Christine's blog

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All things original

AllthingsoriginalJust before the weekend starts I would like to introduce you to a new sponsor of Bloesem ... All Things Original .. and you can already notice by their name that only very 'orginal' items are being offered here ... ATO was founded by Beverly Lay and the collection consists of products by independent British designers ... for example INTO, a beautiful label making all sorts of knitted products by Lorraine Linton, you can clearly see Lorraine holds a degree in Textile design specialising in knitwear ... Another great artists is Lucy Smith. Her work is concerned with the combination of two and three dimensional spaces and influences have come from the work of Patrick Caulfield, the 1960’s, domestic interior spaces and modern wallpapers...and there are many more artists you might find very interesting over at All Things Original.

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