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Heather Moore's favorite pieces in her home

I’ve always loved to scour junk shops and car boot sales for treasures. These days, with all the design blogs I read, I’ve become pretty savvy about what I see and what’s worth having, but I think the things I treasure most are the funny bits and pieces that turned out to be treasures.Heathermoorewestgerman_3

I bought these two West German ceramic jugs from my favourite carboot sale, Milnerton Market. I almost didn’t take them, because they reminded me of a rather scary childhood house belonging to a friend of my mom’s. But their elegant forms and lovely colours convinced me to take them home with me, and put them in a special spot in the sitting room. Then, a lot later, through the H is for Home blog, I discovered that West German ceramics are highly collectable, and suddenly my funny jugs become rather fancy!Heathermooreangielewin_2

One day I was browsing through the newspaper, when I spotted an advert for a travelling prints show at the Irma Stern Gallery. I fell in love with the tiny black and white picture in the ad, and raced over to see the show. The woodblock print was even better in colour, and as it was near my birthday, I decided I would buy it as a treat for myself, spending more than I possibly should have. I loved it so much that I wrote to the artist, Angela Lewin, and got a very sweet note in response. It was some time after this that Angie Lewin’s work started appearing all over the place, on fabrics and notecards, and suddenly my funny little beloved print became a whole lot more valuable!

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Open House with Le Train Fantôme

In case you haven't visited B:Kids yesterday ... here is a small reminder of a new Open House  Tour which I'm sure you don't want to miss, because Fanja Ralison's house from Le Train Fantôme is simply gorgeous and full of inspiration ...

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Indie Fixx Galleria

If you are looking for a nice online showcase where you can buy only things handmade than this is the place to be ...each month Jen Wallace from  Indie Fixx blog curates a collection of online shops at her Indie Fixx Galleria which she started in 2007. Her goal is to support and promote independent design and small DIY business people... I like this initative very much and am glad that artisits like 'Pretty Little Thieves' are able to feature their beautiful work via an extra window like this.


I also found the beautiful art photography work by Susannah Conway at Indie Fixx. Susannah is a photographer, writer and ex-fashion editor living on the south coast of England...but there are so many other artists you definitely should se, so click here please...

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Giveaway .. Giveaway .. Giveaway .. Giveaway ..

I've told you before that I LOVE this new print from Ana Ventura called  "Tell Me a Story" ... but how fun is it that one of you gets a chance to win one for free!! Elizabeth from Twig wants to offer one of the Bloesem readers a free limited edition print and all you have to do is leave a comment before Saturday August 30 and tell us what you like about it or why you would be the perfect person to win it ... {ps. don't forget to leave your email address in the comment so we can contact you} ... the winner will be announced in the first week of September.{ps.If you want to purchase a print now and turn out to be the lucky winner, Twig will refund your print purchase, Good luck!}

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Maria Kristofersson

Hello, welcome back and I hope you enjoyed your weekend ... I was visiting Bibbi Forsman's blog on Saturday and there I discovered these amazing ceramic clocks by Maria Kristofersson...

Maria's website is not available in English unfortunately so I can't tell you much about her, but if you click here you can find the whole 'clock collection' on her flickr page ... inspiration ... inspiration

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Category: Ceramics

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Eleanor Yap

Just before the weekend starts, this gorgeous gocco print from Eleanor Yap arrived in my inbox ...wow... it's absolutely beautiful, Eleanor is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer from Melbourne and two days ago she updated her shop with her first gocco print, called 'Rocks shape Water' ...the first print in a series...so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of her series...
Wish you all a wonderful weekend and hope to see you back on Monday, pssttt...there will be a fantastic Open House Tour on B:Kids on Monday that you don't want to miss...

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