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Studio Bas_i.c.

Hello...and welcome back for a new week of design, arts and crafts on Bloesem...I hope you had a lovely weekend...I received an email from Lianne Ernst from Mrs.Me (a gorgeous home textiles company) about a website she designed for a friend of hers, Bastiënne van Bockel, who is a well-known stylist in the Netherlands ... and I love to share these inspirational images with you of her styling work...

All the images are from interior styling projects Bastiënne did for private clients. But Bastiënne also designs a small but unique collection jewelry and accessories..please have a look here ... if you have any questions for Bastiënne you can contact her via this email address. {Tomorrow I will be showing some craft projects and on Wednesday some bloggerfriends of mine are showing their gorgeous private museum pieces in their homes}

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my love for pillows

{image from the portfolio of stylist Irina Graewe}
The last two weeks Holly from Decor8  has been furnishing her new apartment over in Germany ... sleeping on a air mattress, no desk and uncertain internet connections ... so she invited some bloggers, including me, to help her with create posts ... today it was my turn ad if you would like to know a little bit more about my passion for pillows than click here ... ps. Holly will be back to her normal blogging as of Monday and so will I ... wish you a great weekend!

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Paper N Stitch

{art work by Brittni Wood}
Please meet artist, high school art teacher, blogger and vintage shop owner Brittni Wood! Brittni has a passion for promoting independent lines, art, and handmade and wants to share that with others. As an artist herself, she recognises the struggle of how to get your work seen...her Paper N Stitch blog helps promote the talented people among us with new posts 3-5 times a day...and in september her blog will become a comprehensive website that will allow users to upload their own information and start promoting their work...Papernsticht
And if this lady isn't doing enough .. she also sells great vintage items in her online shop called Simple Vintage ... i love the pyrex bowls!

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The Weekly Gallery

When I saw these vintage stamps at Present &Correct it brought back some sweet memories  from Holland...Lizziehouse
I'm glad Lizzy House send me an email about her work, she is currently finishing up school for her BFA in Printmaking...and she is also a textile designer ... her first line of fabric will be released this fall through Andover Fabrics.
... fun cards and tags from Lemon loves paper ... found at her etsy shop ...Dizzidezign
South African artist Colleen Roberts prints the fabrics herself and turns them into nice home accessories...Mudpuppy
Michael McDowell aka Mudpuppy made this 'reclaimed china' plate and the modern white bird house feeder,  these and more are available right here...

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..a while ago I wrote a weekend read for Bloesem called "At Home" ... in this read I told you about Li Edelkoort's prediction that we will all be living in our own museum some time in the near future ... Li sees us living among our handpicked collector’s items, but also family pieces that passed on from generation to generation ...

I LOVE this idea and believe what Li says is true ... and I wanted to do a follow up on this idea together with
other design bloggers ... so I invited some wonderful guests from the bloggerscommunity (and will invite more) to show us their two favorite pieces in their home or should I say 'their own Private Museum' ...

Every Wednesday Bloesem will be showing favorite design pieces from one or two guests ... and today we're kicking off with Kathleen Losche and Heather Moore ...

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Kathleen Losche favorite pieces in her house

The first piece I (= Kathleen) chose is a drawing I bought a few months ago from Christine Buckton Tillman. I have been a fan of Christine’s work for awhile, and was always excited to see new pieces she would post on her Flickr page. Then one day a few months ago she posted this drawing and I could not stop looking at it. I love its depth and all the layers of paint, ink, collage, and pencil. Every time I look at it I see something entirely new.
The second pieces I chose are a hand-built ceramic pot and tea bowl. I don’t keep a lot of my own work on display (hardly any.) But there are a couple piece I made at a summer ceramics intensive when I was in high school (eons ago) that I always have out wherever I’ve lived. I like that they are personal to me and that they remind me of a really amazing creative time in my young life. Every time I move I’m terrified the big pot is going to break, (like right now!)

:: Kathleen Losche Design ::
:: Kathleen's blog ::

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