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Wednesday, 27 August 2008 by Irene Hoofs


Loraine's precious pieces Lorainne_utentils_2 
When irene asked me about the favorite things i (= Loraine) have and how they fit into the concept of "my own private museum" i thought yes , people are doing that just as they're creating their own worlds with blogs which also means that those collections aren't about expensive objects for most people, but the things they do collect are cherished very much !
I love to collect lots of things , the ones i'm most into at the moment are kitchen tools and pots & pans and i've just started to collect textiles The little milk pan is by Serafinozani, The Trivet i bought at Dekkorate,  the spoon i bought at mora, the very practical slicer is from MUJI , the pasta spoon is/was by alessi called twergi and i could only find a link to other spoons from the same series. {It's a wonderful thing that Irene want's to give the things we collect a context !}

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