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Roza Pelgrom

I love these blankets by Dutch designer Roza Pelgrom...in her work are 'space, place and landscape' key words. On the blankets you will find a landscape pattern. Roza Pelgrom is also one of the "groene-honden" design group {a platform in which 13 young designers unite there powers, to exhibit their individual projects and to realise new projects and products as a group} If you are interest in buying one of her blankets you have to send an email, because the blankets are not yet mass produced...

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Category: Dutch design

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beautiful homes by XandL

Like I said yesterday ... many images of beautiful homes here on Bloesem this week ...and oh boy how easily could I live in this house...i have done some extensive research on the internet and Flickr during the last weekend but I kept going back to the interior design images and work from XandL ... you who know me a bit better have seen their work before on Bloesem, but these are some recent projects they have done in the Netherlands. Xander and Leon are not only the kindest people you will ever meet, they are also geniuses in choosing the right colors for a space and exactly know how to maximize the use of the available space. For me it's real funny to see they have chosen the Tom Dixon Beat lights, they are on my wishlist since we moved to KL and I saw them hanging in a shop. The Beat lights have a beautiful copper color, due to a hand-beaten brass process, from the inside and a beautiful black patinated exterior...Xandl_lamps
...above my desk right know hangs one of their gorgeous handmade lamps, like this one in the image above, in the mustard yellow bedroom, XandL also designed and created.Xandl
Just visiting their website and look at all the different projects they have done will bring you tons of inspiration...of course you can send them an email for any questions but please don't bombard them, because  they have a pretty busy work schedule ... Enjoy!

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Category: Dutch design

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...and some more inspiration today for me and for you hopefully, lampshades from Lush by Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings ... this whole week I will focus on interior design, by showing you images from beautiful houses, rooms, interior accesoiries and some ideas from the sixties and seventies...so hope to see you again this week!

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Inspiration for my home

hello, so nice to have you back on this Monday and I hope you enjoyed your weekend just like I did and NO this is not our house ... but I'm totally inspired by this image and LOVE the the whole style and how much character this livingroom shows. The beautiful house belongs to Helle Høgsbro Krag and her family. Helle is the owner of a shop  called 'Crème de la Crème à la Edgar' in the centre of Copenhagen, ... {maybe some visitors from Copenhagen can tell us a bit more about the shop?}
and this is an image of a part of Helle's bathroom located in their basement. The old washing is terrazzo, and Helle asked blacksmith to create a stand underneath...more lovely images of her beautiful home right here ... {via Meyer Lavigne}

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Charlene reporting from Singapore


When seeing Charlene Teo's work one day (and of course showed it on Bloesem) I thought she could be the perfect person to write a little report for us about Singapore, her hometown, so I invited her and luckily for us she accepted...so here is a great write-up about Singapore and some secret places you must not miss when visiting this unique city .... I know I will be visiting again real soon, because I definitely missed the nice spots the first time I was there...thanks so much Charlene and I wish you all a wonderful weekend and hope to see you back next week when I will be posting the whole week about interior design and interior design only!

* * * click here to read the full report
* * * please meet Charlene Teo

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It's always exciting when a new online shops opens and particularly when it sells certain goods from one specific region in the world only ... please let me introduce Lama to you!
After one year of doing research, getting the right products together and finalize the technical website details Christine Martinez has opened her doors to this Latin American paradise, called Lama ... Christine always knew Latin America had so much more to offer than salsa and fiestas, coffee beans and bananas, sombreros and panama hats, because its ancient artisans have evolved into imaginative designers like Argentine design duo Coty Larguia and Eugenia Troncoso who make these sweet little series of decorative pillows.
...or from Argentina this super beautiful 'Teapot with a Cold' from Lola Goldstein and some great chopsticks holders.
...and some dazzling tableware from  independent Brazilian artist Calu Fontes. He uses a range of techniques – hand painted images, illustrations, and graphic transfers – to create truly unique ultra-colored porcelain pieces. Each item is a hand-made and therefore one-of-a-kind ... and this is just a Small selection from what you can find and buy at Lama ... enjoy!

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