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The Weekly Gallery

Pimp My Couch and Pillow collection from Re-U...handmade by Wieteke Brocken
Meghan Burch designs, prints, and sews textile-based goods for Kaybu, her own line of comfortable products  and available at this months Poppytalk handmade market.


Beautiful work by Daria Tessler and available at  NYC's West Village's Charming Wall gallery.


Madeleine Stamer form Little Circus Design has been working hard in her sunny Melbourne studio and has just released another new print titled 'half angel half bird'.

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Zsuzsanna Ilijin

These beautiful world maps are a perfect fit with the world tour we're doing this month on Bloesem...graphic designer Zsuzsanna Ilijin, who currently lives in Amsterdam is the very talented women behind these maps and other great illustrations, which you can find right here...if you're interested in buying one of her world maps you can send Zsuzsanna an email...

{...found via Tas-ka}

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D*S 2008 Scholarship Finalists

Don't forget to vote for your favorite applicant for the 2008 D*S Scholarship...I love this initiative from Grace!! Many talented students are getting a chance to win a substantial amount to support their study...you can vote now until 10pm on Thursday, May 22 and th winners will be announced on D*S on Friday, May 23...one of the finalists is Yaewon ...a senior studying textile design at the Ontario college of art & design...his textile handmade space divider is simply gorgeous!

...or maybe you would like to vote for this very talented finalist...Zena Verda Pesta, she is an undergraduate studying ceramics at the Cleveland institute of art...I wish all finalists the best of luck and would like to congratulate them with reaching the finals!!

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Julia and Publisher Textiles

Today's guest, Julia from StudioHome is sharing some really nice information with us about an Australian company that is completely new to me (..a little bit embarrassed to say so..)...Publisher Textiles...

"I have had a pretty big crush on Publisher Textiles for about 3 years now. The business is Sydney based and run by husband and wife team Mark and Rhynie Cawood. Talk about a great pairing! Mark’s background is in screen-printing and Rhynie’s in fashion and textile design….this equals some pretty breathtaking wallpaper and fabric! The Cawood's treat their designs with an art like respect (of which it totally deserves!).  Each run of wallpaper and fabric is produced using traditional screen printing methods on one of their two 20 m long printing tables.
Yes, the handmade, careful production process is kind of romantic….but what really makes me a fan is their highly recognizable style embedded in each and every one of their designs. I simply can’t choose a favorite and I think my clients are sick to death of me steering them towards the Publisher Textiles samples. I just need my own space to wallpaper and re-wallpaper and re-re-wallpaper…."

* * *Studio Home website
* * *Studio Home Blog

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Julia reporting from Queenstown, NZ

Bloesem's World Tour is continuing today from a far far away continent ...at least that is how it feels for me...recenlty I have met some terrific new friends form NZ in Kuala Lumpur and online...like Julia Atkinson from Studio Home, a youthful, creative, boutique agency for interior design...not long ago she also started her design blog to share her ultimate passion of hunting out wicked, creative talent in Australia and NZ. Julia lives in Queenstown and today she is going to tell us a little tour of her...a favorite place in Queenstown... VESTA, a store and espressoshop...

I live in Queenstown, in the South Island of New Zealand. If you have ever heard of NZ or visited, the chances are pretty strong that you have heard of my beautiful southern town. Queenstown is nestled between jagged peaks and a very cold, very deep Lake Wakatipu. While its “public” face is one of action central, adrenaline junkie’s paradise and bungy jumping’s birth place…Queenstown also boasts some fantastic modern alpine architecture and an emerging design scene. With this in mind I decided to take you all on a photo tour of the gorgeous, eclectic New Zealand design store of Vesta. (unfortunately no website yet...)


Vestas home is a landmark in its own right. The cottage was built in 1864 and is Queenstown’s oldest standing building. Owner Kim Turner and her daughter Alex have remained respectful of the original features and made use of the peeling walls and worn wooden floors to offset the clean, modern design that they feature. All the original small room have been retained and are regularly “dressed” to almost resemble a set or gallery. Vesta stocks jewellery, clothing, beauty products, art, furniture, home wares and fantastic paninis and coffee. The café exists between all the goodies and has a very firm and loyal following of locals who clamber to be the special customers allowed to sip their tea in the rambling glasshouse outside.
I love Vesta for its carefully selected range and Kim’s ability to resist turning the space into a slick, white, vinyl squabbed destination store. Come to Queenstown and I’ll meet you at Vesta for a coffee.



* * *Studio Home website
* * *Studio Home Blog

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Surface decals

I hope you enjoyed last week guest posts in our Bloesem World Tour (this week we will be visiting New Zealand, Canada and Denmark). Heather, who wrote last Friday's posts just send me an email telling me that she received some great reactions (tanks everybody) and also that she just finished some lovely new surface decals...the designs were first made as a papercut, using three types of indigenous protea flowers as inspiration...these great little details will look nice on any wall...and are available right here...

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