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Victoria reporting from San Francisco

It's truly fun to go from place in the world to the other in just a second via our marvellous internet...yesterday we visited beautiful Denmark today my dear blog friend Victoria from the wellknown sfgirlbybay blog is introducing us to a great store in San Francisco...I've only visited SF once in my life and it may not come as a suprise to you but that city really touched me...if you ever have a chance...then GO but before you do, don't forget to visit sfgirlbybay, Victoria writes with so much passion about her city and seeing her images will get you in a even better mood...
"Nest is one of my very favorite places to visit in San Francisco. It's quite like a French flea market with lots of multi-cultural, cosmopolitan flair. The shop carries gorgeous home decor accessories with a unique, vintage look, all found under one Fillmore Street roof.
Nest has great coffee table books, the most beautiful vintage furnishings, delicate etched glassware, soaps and candles, colorful, bohemian and luxurious bedding, quilts, pillows and hand knit throws, in French, Moroccan, Indian, Chinese and a variety of other ethnic styles.
A wonderful spot to pick up unusual, one of a kind gifts. Nest is definitely one of those places that's truly unique and just a great place to visit, even if it's just for the eye candy and the loads of inspiration you'll find.

There's everything you weren't expecting, including lots of kitschy Parisian knickknacks and souvenirs, girlie jewelry and feminine clothing and accessories, from around the world including Paris, London, the Far East and even our local flea markets, all gathered on buying trips by mother and daughter team, Judy Gilman and Marcella Madsen. Definitely a must see on your next visit to San Francisco."
{Nest, 2300 Fillmore Street, San Francisco , CA 94115, 415.292.6199}

* * *sfgirlbybay
* * *contact Victoria

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Sidsel and Søren Benhcke

...Sidsel's favorite artisist is Søren Benhcke...and I completely understand why...

"Inside my dinning room you will see this painting by Søren Benhcke, called Team Amour, from 2007, which I bought in the beginning of this year – it was love at first sight and I just had to own it eventhough I had never spend that much before on one single piece…


Søren Benhcke alias papfar (1967) works and lives in Aarhus. He works with cardboard - painting, -sculpture, -installation, -action and –streetart and has a background in graphic design and comics – which may explain why I like his work so much – another reason could be the playfulnes and humour that runs through all of his works. Like in his street actions where he adds cardboard faces to sculptures in public spaces or his most famous action which took place in 2005, when he smuggled a giant cardboard-slingshot into Aros - Aarhus Kunstmuseum for  Ron Mueck´s famous sculpture "Boy". 

Søren Benhcke has within few years won great appreciation as an original artist taking streetart into new dimensions – and his cardboard sculptures of oversize pink tools and a complete Ferguson tractor 1:1 is pure craftmanship.


Søren Behncke is presented by Charlotte Fogh Contemporary – and at this local gallery´s website you can see more of his work – like this painting, titled No more walks. Enjoy!


Søren Benhcke is presented by Charlotte Fogh Contemporary – and at this local gallery´s website you can see more of his work – like this painting, titled No more walks. Enjoy!"

{Thank you so much Sidsel for writing these great posts and introducing us to Aarhus and Søren Benhcke}

* * *Spagat blog
* * *Spagat website

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Sidsel reporting from Aarhus in Denmark

Sidsel is one of those ladies that always brings a positive and warm feel to you when visiting her blog, Spagat, which means doing the splits in Danish...and it´s also the name of Sidsel's Graphic Design Studio...today she is taking us on a tour trough her hometown Aarhus in Denmark...enjoy!

"First of all I would like to thank Irene for inviting me to take part in her project here at Bloesem.
Bloesem has been one of my favorite blogs since the beginning – and I appreciate this opportunity to share my local favorites with Bloesems´ readers.
I live in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city, with a population of 300.000 inhabitants.
It´s one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia, but today one of the ”youngest” due to the averange age of the inhabitants - at the University of Aarhus alone there are nearly 35,000 students, and there is a total of 25 educational and research institutions in the city. What I enjoy most about living here is it´s location by the sea and forest and it´s cozy city center. It´s a city which has a lot to offer - and if you were my guest here in Århus I would make sure to share the following 2 things with you.Lynnfabriken

LYNfabrikken (the lightning factory)...best stop in Aarhus is LYNfabrikken and the first places that popped up when I had to choose a special place here in Aarhus. Because LYNfabrikken combines a lot of good things – like a clever concept, an organic café, a roof terrace with a view – creative people and a shop that displays and sells great products. It´s also a spot you will not easily find as a tourist – since situated in an old industry building - but it´s one of those little gems you would love to stumble upon when visiting Aarhus. In 2002 the building was converted  into design studios and the attic became a café with a shop. The studios are now working spaces for 32 creative people of diverse fields of work: Architecture, industrial design, furniture, writers, graphics and interactive design.

The café and shop was build around the idea that a kitchen is not only a place for eating and drinking - but a meeting point for exchanging news, discussing and talking about all sorts of things.To transform this “kitchen situation” and make it public was one of the basic ideas
for the foundation of the platform LYNfabrikken. A place for casual exchange
for designers - a place that encourages creative communication and networking within the design scene. And they have managed just that + the food is good, the design magazines are plenty, the internet is free and so on. And in the shop you will find some of my favorite young danish designers/ceramicists  like Joan Hoegh, Helbak, Tanja Moeller Jensen, Louise Kragh – so by picking Lynfabrikken I also had the chance to sneak in a few more names. I´ll leave you now on their roof terrace and recommend that you go for a walk in the forest afterwards – or go shopping in my hood the ” Latin Quarter” or have a look inside the Cathedral of Aarhus. Thanks for the visit – hope to see you again!"

* * *Spagat blog
* * *Spagat website

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Too late again...for the the second dipped series..gorgeous teatowels handmade by Loraine from Grijs...when her first batch sold out in no time she offered us a second series, but of course...sold out again...hopefully there will be a new series in the near future...{ps. the webshop itself is a feast for the eye!}

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Category: Kitchen stuff

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PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg

Hi all...some of you already had a sneak peek at PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg a few days ago...but then they disappeared again...sorry... all my fault...came down with a fever or something while still in the Netherlands (must have been the weather)...and therefore could not write a proper introduction for these two wonderful ladies... Julie & Kathryn...their blog is PerfectBound...I love PerfectBound... always beautifully styled, sleek and very clean... a feast for the eyes and great fun to read too... their home base is Winnipeg in Canada...and by the way... I am back in KL... touched down yesterday early in the morning... feeling a bit better... still on anti-biotics for a few more days unfortunately...we had a good time in the Netherlands...but it is even better to be back home again... so... everything is back to normal again I guess on Bloesem... very much looking forward to catching up with all of you and this week we can all enjoy geust posts from Denmark, San Francisco, Germany and Amsterdam...

PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg
.."Something Special in Our City: Hoopers Bazaar
Hoopers Bazaar is one of our favourite shops in Winnipeg. It is filled with retro fashions and home furnishings from the 50's, 60's and 70's. On any given day you are bound to find lovely danish decor and vintage accessories. The owners have done such a great job creating fun vignettes throughout the store, it makes you want to take every piece home!
We are lucky to have a shop like this here in Winnipeg. It seems that many open but few survive for very long. Recently moving to a new location in what's known as the Exchange District, Hoopers is surrounded by lots of great clothing boutiques and cafes. It is located in a corner suite of a heritage building, which adds to its
Whenever we visit, there are always great new additions to the shop, which makes it fun to keep going back. Not only are there amazing home furnishings, but also a wide selection of retro inspired clothing. So if you are ever in Winnipeg, we highly recommend you stop in at Hoopers. We bet you'll find something you just can't live without!"

* * * Perfectbound
* * * contact Julie & Kathryn

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Perfectbound and Virginia Johnson

And another very interesting post from the Perfectbound ladies,  Julie & Kathryn, about one of their favorite designers from Canada...

{image via Domino Magazine}
"With so many talented designers out there, from all corners of the world, we were thrilled when we initially came across Virginia Johnson, a Canadian clothing/textile designer and illustrator. The appeal and success of her designs can be directly related to her skills in the art and craft of printmaking. Her illustrations, textiles and fashions are playful, yet chic and charmingly optimistic with their vibrant colours and bold lines.

After working at Helmut Lang in shoe and accessories design, Virginia Johnson  returned to Toronto to craft herself a career that allowed her the freedom to create what and how she pleased; something that we truly admire! She is such an inspiration for us, which makes her an easy favourite! (The fact that she's Canadian helps, too!)

Looking through her products, you can find the perfect piece for your closet or home. Virginia Johnson's home collection includes place mats, napkins, pillows and shawls (which are block-printed and can be easily be used as a throw for that chair). You can also purchase her fabric of the bolt! A Pennsylvania based company called Chairloom (specializing in refinishing and reupholstering antique chairs) likes to use Johnson's fabrics, creating a new twist for the vintage pieces. Her organic subjects and line are sure to spark an idea for your own project! (We're thinking curtains, pillow cases, table runners...you get the idea!)"
{Thank you so much Julie & Kathryn}

* * * Perfectbound
* * * contact Julie & Kathryn

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