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Ladak...a new Dutch brand offering some great blankets which are made from recycled material...the base  is an old blanket (I don't know the English name for it, but normally they are being used for transporting fragile goods) ...some old sweaters, jeans, strong fabrics and ribbons are being used as details to give the blanket a new and surprisingly nice new look! Of course each blanket is unique and handmade and... has its own name; named for a homeless and or hero.
These blankets are perfect for an outdoor picnic or and early spring celebration on the terrace. The designers Jantien de Wilde and Jane Stroink are socially involved: 15% of the proceeds will go to a shelter for the homeless in Amsterdam. Their motto: when you are comfortable, they are comfortable! I love Ladak! Would you like to order one ..send the women from Ladak an email. (ps. google translate can help you with the Dutch language)

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Category: Dutch design

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'My garden' is the title these beautiful prints, a new series from one of my favorite artists, ah_yi. These new limited edition is a collaboration, design by ah-yi • letterpress by lynn russell...i just ordered two other ones in her shop, so i have t wait a little while before I can get these and am really hoping they will still be there, but these beauties will definitely sell as hotcakes, print and quality are just amazing!

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Wiener Papp

Since I was a child I have a thing for journals, notebooks and agenda's and seeing such amazingly  detailed journals like these it just makes me very happy. Esther Diering from Berlin makes them and you can buy them in her shop Wiener Papp. Here you can read a little more about Esther, really funny! Another specialty of Esther is designing cd-cases, you can find some great ones right here.

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Tree Top Studio


Jennie from TreeTop Studio lives and works in Portland. She is an artist ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil and she says she has dabbled in many mediums but has the most fun with the Gocco press and designing prints! Since I started experimenting with my own gocco print I have a huge admiration for people who can create beautiful prints like these from TreeTop Studio, the fragile feel from the soft colors, the little details and using different colors is realy more difficult then you think. I love Jennie's prints and they are available in her Etsy shop, so very easy to treat yourself on one of her beauties!

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Vintage homewares

Today I did some vintage shopping on Etsy and look what i found...beautiful little shops seling great items, here are just a few I like...lovely vintage cocktail napkins in green and 3 vintage melmac bowls  also in green available at lorenzstudio.
Vintage grey coffee cup and melamine art deco cream and sugar.


Beautiful cushion covers made from vintage fabrics by katrinakaye.

...some melmac plastic plates and bowls, great for outdoors and or children.
Vintage wooden blocks available at BlueBellBazaar.

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Category: Vintage

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More Milan previews

A new chair by my favorite designers from Sweden, Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos, who are WIS Design...their new Vanity Easy Chair comes in textile and is covered with a quilt of reused leather from old jackets and coats...nice idea don't you think!
And the gorgeous Tectonic table series from Alain Gilles. the idea is based of movement within the construction of its shape but also the ability to create unexpected free form geometry by shifting and juxtaposing several small tables one next to the other.

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