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Weekly Gallery


As promised a new Weekly Gallery, this time at the beginning of a new week, which will be a hectic one for me...on Friday we are going to visit our friends and family in the Netherlands..joehoe...really looking forward seeing them again...but first some new great artwork by different artists...Claire Elizabeth Platt makes stunning hand-embroidered pieces, which you can find here and her journal to read more about Claire right here...

Please have a look here to see more of Jessica Gonacha's new great artwork...

New Spring Print Sets available at Port2Port...it is a letterpress printed collaboration between Mav and Lena, they will be doing all four seasons...the set is available right here...

Papersparrow Andrea Courchene is the designer behind Paper Sparrow...lovely paper goods and art prints, available in her shop.

Gretchen Wagoner  told me about her the opening of her show last Friday together with Rose Umerlik, at Nahcotta in Portsmouth...you can also find her work at her website of at her blog.

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Terry Graziano

Hope you had a great weekend...I heard spring has arrived in New York and when I was living in there I always wore heads, because I think they make such a great accessories. Unfortunately back then I wasn't familiar with Terry Graziano her beautiful heads otherwise I would definitely had bought hers, she makes them with so much care and attention and the details are just perfect...
..."a modern approach to a traditional art form” is how Terry describes her signature line of soft, drape-able fabric hats. The fun thing about her hats is that you can wear them differently all the time and have a different look. You can order her hats online or send her an email if you have  a special request.

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Category: Fashion

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Lisen Adbåge

..and I just ordered this fabulous poster, illustrated by the very talented Lisen Adbåge , whom I discovered via Elisabeth her beautiful blog, fine little day...

I wish you all a very nice weekend...I have to prepare dinner for my guests for tonight...I'm almost finished with my new selection for the Weekly Gallery but I will be showing it to you on Monday...hope to see you then!

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...speaking of tea towels...my package from Heather just arrived...and I'm so happy with these handmade ones..we're having guests over for dinner tonight...at least the towels in our kitchen will look great! ...if you would like some in your kitchen, click here for the shop...

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Category: Kitchen stuff

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Defyra tea towles

Tanneke just send me an email about some gorgeous new tea towels she has added in her online shop...the towles are from Defyra (all their products are awesome!) and available here.

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Category: Kitchen stuff

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What to do...

A little while ago Holly had a question for me...not an easy one...I must say..."what to do when you don't know what to do"... Nathalie from DesignUndercover commented on Decor8 a couple of weeks ago asking Holly the same sort of question, so Holly invited a couple of designers, artists and me to help answer the question...here are my answers...

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