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The polaroid project

Last week I read a very touching post on Nectar&Light about how the very talented photographer Jen Altman and her husband have decided to make the  plunge...pack all their belongings and move to the country they had fallen in love with a couple of years ago...together with their daughters they are going to start a new life in Italy...I admire their courage, love the fact how they work on making their dreams come true and am very much inspired by their story...


Last weekend Jen wrote me an email telling me about another marvelous project she started recently...For the Love of Light:  a Tribute to the Art of Polaroid...a new book which will feature 25 awe inspiring Polaroid photographers - some have been shooting for years - some of them months - but what they have in common is an undeniable love and heartfelt affection for the art.  They cover five continents and 20 countries...the book will be published in July 2008...here you can read more about it. 

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Category: Photography

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Interview with Famille Summerbelle

And would you like to read a nice interview during the weekend...just click here...over at my other blog BloesemKids Julie from Famille Summerbelle is my guest at Open House...enjoy and enjoy your weekend!

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Elisabeth Lecourt

Yesterday over at the always inspiring blog, Labour of Heart, I saw this incredible work by Elisabeth Lecourt. These clothes are made out of maps from Paris, New york, London and other places, of course you can't wear them, but hanging them as art on your wall would be great, wouldn't it! Elisabeth Lecourt is a French art student living in England... click here to see her website...

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I can't stop thinking of Elisabeth and Mav's new art prject, Levitate/Sväva...it's just too beautiful!  Levitate/Sväva is made up of three entirely different pieces (sold separately) featuring Mav's photographs paired with drawings by Swedish artist Elisabeth Dunker. These drawings were made just for these photographs and then Mav silk-screened them on top creating an entirely new image. This is a very small edition of 10 of each (only 5 are available for sale) so they are extremely special and available here...and I received my first copy of Lines&Shapes...and i LOVE it!!!

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Volksfaden 20% discount offer

Spring is in the air and to celebrete this Linda from Volksfaden would like to offer you all a discount coupon, which gives you 20% off all fabrics (excluding the sale fabrics) starting today...Thursday March 20th until Sunday March 23...just use the code BLOESEMSPRING when checking out...Thank you Linda!

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Mrs M.

Ana from Bientôt Demain always sends me these great links to French artists...like Madame M. from Breton in France. "Mrs M." is a thirty year mom who realised after studing and a 'normal' career that her major desire was to creation and enjoy the freedom when workng as an artisit. "Mrs M." devotes herself especially to the jewels (out of porcelain), small parts (porcelain, sandstone, earthenware) and coins. Beautiful! Here is the website.

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Category: Ceramics

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