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Irana Douer

Holly always is right on top of things, so of course Decor8 was the blog were I first saw this superb pillowcover illustrated by Irina Douer and made for the arty ThirdDrawerDown. As  a freelance illustrator and art student Irina Douer lives and works in Buenos Aires. (that continent is sooo on my wish list)

I have written about Irana's one of a kind cups before, but these are some great new ones and available via the lovely Makool Loves You shop!

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Category: Ceramics

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Diem Chau

i LOVE ceramic artwork like this...born in 'Saigon' Diem Chau is a Vietnam native, but she and her family came to America as refugees in 1986. After graduating from Cornish College of the Arts several galleries exhibited her fabulous work. 
Diem Chau embroiders on porcelain plates and cups...how?...I don't know...but Diem says she combines common mediums and common means to create delicate vignettes of fleeting memory, gesture and form, resulting in works that combine egalitarian sensibility and minimalist restraint.
And this is some of her amazing previous work...Carved crayons & wood base...Diem Chau wanted to ply everyday objects to tell her own stories, she says she loves the idea od 'This is what I have, so this is what I'l make' or in othr words 'I'ts art and crafts meet survivalist'...I can only say...wow, superb, beautiful and love love love it! If you would like your child, mother, husband or dog carved in a crayon...just contact Diem for more information...her Crayon commissions are available upon request. {thanks Emma for showing Diem's work}

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Category: Ceramics

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Vote for Marieke

My dear blog friend Marieke from the fabulous Treat&Treasures is showing her great artwork called, Traces on Saatchi online gallery's website...if you would like to vote for her...click here!

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pillow crate - sofa


It's all about the pillows giving you comfort... 5.5 Designers from France designed this 'crate sofa' in which the pillows should do the work for you, make you relaxed, hide away and make you comfertable...my son would love this sofa...not because it looks so beautiful but he loves a good pillow fight!
And 5.5 Designers designed even more furniture using pillows as a main attraction. These are their new superb stools! Love them...but I think you have the buy the pillows yourself...5.5 Designers is a design research office, founded in 2003 by four very (young) and talented graduates from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers in Paris: Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sebastian Blanc, Anthony Lebosse and Claire Renard...here you can read a great article which was published in Frame magazine a while ago.

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In the name of recycle

I was just visiting CarpeItem and there I saw how very inventive the writer Svanna from Copenhagen had used her calander to cover one of her lampshades....

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Category: Craft

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...the Dutch always celebrate the "second day" of Easter... a public holiday... and we're doing the egg hunt one more time...so although I am in KL...I wanted to be true to the tradition and thought I should give myself an extra day off of Bloesem...but I don't want  you to start Monday without a new post of course...I'm sure these will make you very happy...new teatowels by my wonderful South African friend Heather over at SkinnyLaminx...I love them!!
Heather first made paper drawings of all her vintage teacups and mugs she had collected over the years, and then turned them into this design, which she calls 'Mugs'. Ornaments in the kitchen...such beautiful teatowels. The towels come in three colours, available here...

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Category: Kitchen stuff

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