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Find the differences...

Thursday, 21 February 2008 by Irene Hoofs

I think design blogging is all about giving exposure to talented artists and their products, sharing ideas, learning and just having lots of fun. Many of you are fellow bloggers and I am sure you know that finding original finds and designing a blog that is appealing to readers so they feel "at home" is hard work. I think it is great that we can share ideas and finds so we make the blogging experience as exciting as possible for our readers. As blogging is also very much a creative expression of the blogger her/himself, all blogs have a unique character and design. So why am I stating the obvious you may wonder?

{ps. I am very happy about the exposure for Kristen Doran because her fabrics and designs  are just wonderful}
Well... since a few weeks I have discovered a copy cat blog... a blog that literally copies many of the details I use for my new kids blog, details that I have carefully chosen for B:Kids and which I hope give it it's own look. Also and this is much more important to me 'the other blog' copies the exact design of my posts...should I be flattered by this... I don't think so...I spend many hours a day looking for original finds and on how to feature the images within a post...the way I present and design my finds is very much an expression of "me"... it makes me sad that somebody else just ruthlessly copies my hard work without even referencing the source of the find or even worse brings the same features and caracteristics of B:Kids to her own blog....to be honest I debated with myself for many days whether I should even mention this on my blog as it just fills me with negative feelings and that is not what Bloesem is all about... but in the end I decided to share this with you... and would love to hear your thoughts on this... does a blog have copyrights too? ... just to give you a small example...my post on B:Kids is the collage on the right and the collage on the left is the  collage that appeared a few days later on the copy cat blog...I guess we can play the game: "find the differences..."

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