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Kiki World

Just before the weekend starts I would to devote some time and space to an extremely talented Dutch Lady , Kiki van Eijk! She graduated Cum Laude at the design academy Eindhoven in 2000. I'm such a big fan of her work...here are just a few of the amazing designs she did in the year 2007:
The Soft Clock...a ceramic clock with all the details and feelings of a soft clock made of textile. Also the white shelf is a ceramic one, it looks like it's made out of something really soft. Kiki would like to see the shelve function as an altar for ones most precious belongings.
A dressing table with all the details and feelings of a soft drawer made of textile. The drawers are in 2 different sizes to stall your beauty products.
The Bottles Lamps are inspired on the beautiful glass bottles of medieval times. These bottles were mainly used to store herbs and liquor. The subtle contrast of the matte and clear glass gives a magic appearance, but also shows patterns inspired on the scenery around the table and kitchen in medieval times. Herbs, kitchen tools, sugar-tongs, deers of pate and cups form a neat play of light.
A carpet made of bricks, designed for "Brick, the exhibition" which was held in Rotterdam last year...I think you probably by now agree with me on Kiki's incredible talent...don't forget to have a look at the about page, it shows some great images from her studio, herself and her even as talented partner Joost van Bleiswijk.
Enjoy the weekend!

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Imelda just showed us an amazing discovery from Japan and of course I just had to share this treasure trove with you...Cocca is a japanese shop selling printed textiles and crafts materials in their brick and mortar store and online! I just browsed their website to get some great inspiration for refurbishing chairs, finding great pillows and amazing new prints...Thank you Imelda!!

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Greetje van Tiem

Can you believe this...yarn from old newspapers! I didn't know it was possible to spin yarn like this but  Dutch designer Greetje van Tiem proves us otherwise...wow...it's amazing and also extremely beautiful!
Greetje van Tiem recently graduated from the design academy in Eindhoven and she says she can make twenty meters of yarn from each deconstructed newspaper page. Greetje wove a carpet, curtain and a pouf from  the textured and multi-colored yarn. How cool is this...and talking about re-cycling!
Here you can find her lovely website and would you like to get more information just send Greetje an email.
{I learnt about Greetje van Tiem via Dezeen and also used their images, thanks!}

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Sarajo Frieden

Thumbtack Press is selling limited edition prints of "Tangled up in blue" by Sarajo Frieden!

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Thank you for all the lovely wishes yesterday! I had a wonderful day...just wanted to show you this tray,I think it's gorgeous available at Industreal and called Nina, Maurizio Meroni designed it.

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23 January...

...yes, a special day for me...I'm celebrating my Birthday! Breakfast in bed with my two sweethearts, Lode and Rik...lunch with my new friends in Kuala Lumpur (thank you girls!!) and this wonderful gift, which has been on my wishlist for a long time...the Gocco PG5! Joehoe, I couldn't be happier... and more celebrations this evening... romantic dinner perhaps... see you tomorrow!
Hopefully I will be able to make some fabric prints as beautiful as these by Feltcafe!
or these beautiful paper prints by Matte Stephens!

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