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Greetje van Tiem

Thursday, 24 January 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Can you believe this...yarn from old newspapers! I didn't know it was possible to spin yarn like this but  Dutch designer Greetje van Tiem proves us otherwise...wow...it's amazing and also extremely beautiful!
Greetje van Tiem recently graduated from the design academy in Eindhoven and she says she can make twenty meters of yarn from each deconstructed newspaper page. Greetje wove a carpet, curtain and a pouf from  the textured and multi-colored yarn. How cool is this...and talking about re-cycling!
Here you can find her lovely website and would you like to get more information just send Greetje an email.
{I learnt about Greetje van Tiem via Dezeen and also used their images, thanks!}

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