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Takashi Iwasaki

Thursday, 20 December 2007 by Irene Hoofs

Yesterday I discovered the amazing artwork by Takashi Iwasaki and it really blew me away… Takashi was born in Japan but currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada. He paints, makes Abbies (a generalized nickname for Takashi's abstract drawings), draws and makes beautiful Embroidered paintings, like the one in the image,  by using thread on canvas.
‘traffic jam’ by Takashi Iwasaki
The collages above are called ‘winners’ and ‘town of white’. Takashi says he has been intrigued by the vaguely defined world of art…”Not only what one sees in a museum or an art gallery is art, but depending on the way one thinks and looks at, it could be found everywhere and exists in everything which are made by humans.” You can contact Takashi directly if you would be interested in buying one of the pieces or …have a look at these galleries who sell certain pieces from him:  Gallery Lacosse in Winnipeg, LE Gallery in Toronto, Motel Gallery in Portland or  Giant Robot NY in New York.

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