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Disposable Vase

Jennifer Chan came with the brilliant idea to let foam Oasis function as the vase itself! By packing the foam Oasis  in a patterned shrink- wrapping film the vase can hold flowers at any angle while its packaging also acts as its container to keep them watertight. Brilliant and it looks beautitul! Jennifer is a Chinese-Irish designer who studied at Royal College of Art in London. On her website you can also find a bookcase by her which I truly love.

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Happy Birthday!

It is an exciting day for me….today is Bloesem’s first anniversary, so congrats to Bloesem! Exactly one year ago Bloesem went life. It truly has been an thrilling year for me. When writing my first post for Bloesem (in Dutch….) I could never have expected that Bloesem would “blossom” so quickly and has become a full-time job. So a very big thank you to all of you, my loyal readers, who have been so supportive of Bloesem and me. Also, a special thanks to Grace at DesignSponge and Holly at Decor8 who were among the first to embrace Bloesem.
{Images from the first posts on Bloesem last year December}
I still remember writing a nervous email to Grace and Holly introducing Bloesem and hoping for a response, and to my surprise they both responded very quickly (Grace only took a few minutes to send me a very friendly and personal note,  she always takes the time, something I truly admire in her).
I guess every birthday is a time to reflect and make new plans, and not to forget… new year’s resolution… 2008 will be another exciting year on Bloesem…Bloesem Kids is about to open…a special kid’s blog… everything that has to do with cool stuff and design for your kids… it will be a separate blog but accessible via Bloesem…not completely sure about the name and design yet…but it will go life during this week!
{Some images from my visit to Singapore last week}
Also, as I will be traveling more in Asia I will be writing a number of travel journals with many tips and insights about special places in Asia… very much looking forward to this…and hopefully I can show you some off the beaten track shops, restaurants and much more …
I think it is great that the bloggers community welcomes newcomers and spreads the word about beautiful and inspiring blogs. Therefore, I am happy to introduce you to Pia Jane Bijkerk, who wrote me an email on the day of Bloesem’s anniversary! Pia just launched her blog. She ia a stylist and photographer and has recently moved to Amsterdam, I think it is an exciting new contribution to design blogs, so add her to your favorites for the new year!

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...i'm off to Singapore...leaving in an hour...and coming back tomorrow evening...i'm really looking forward to this...will be my first visit and I will try to get some nice images...see you back on Friday...sorry, i'm not bringing my laptop...I will be replying any emails after Friday...don't forget to take a look at the updated gift guide..right here!

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Gabriel & Schwan

Through the Pink Collection I met the very nice  couple Alex Gabriel and Fenke Schwan from Germany. To my surprise they both speak and write Dutch fluently; they  studied at the academy in Arnhem. There they met and two years ago they moved to Koln in Germany were they launched their own brand Gabriel & Schwan.
Gabriel & Schwan...everything handmade...beautiful handbags, scarfs, and accessories! In their studio the different materials are silkscreen printed, sewed or folded until a new product comes to live. The materials are high quality and carefully selected..."they should not only look, but also feel good." ...here you can see the whole collection. Luckily for us, we can buy online! Their new collection will be presented at the fashion week in Berlin in January of next year. If you have any questions just send Alex or Fenke an email.

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The illustrations by my blog friend Amy from re:makeables are so delightful...hopefully  i will meet her in person in 2008 as she is from Kuala Lumpur as well.

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Gift ideas...crafts...arts...handmade...part two

...and I added some more great work by independant artists at the Bloesem's gift guide...click here...

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