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Jaime Beattie

To celebrate the launch of their new online store, Jaime Beattie offers free postage on all orders within Australia and shipping to international addresses is just $10. But do hurry in, this offer only lasts until 31 December 2007. The new look of the shop is super! Beautifully illustrated, lovely colors and a very welcoming feel! Congratulations Jaime, I wish you all the best!

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Category: Fashion

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Paloma's Nest


This is so nice...ceramic tiny text bowls, 'laugh often' or 'craft peace' by Paloma's Nest. Caroline Colom Vasquez  is dedicated to creating pieces for the home and for the heart. I have a really hard time here deciding what I like best from the shop...also the wood stationery is great!

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Category: Ceramics | Spotlight

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Heather wrote a great post about spoons on Elle Decoration SA...click here...

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Category: Kitchen stuff | Link Love

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Kim Westad

Via PoppytalkHandmadeMarket I found the ceramic work by Kim Westad.  Her vases, bowls and cups are all very  beautiful, but I particularly liked these bright and sunny hand formed porcelain magnets. The coral magnets are  also hand formed from porcelain and have a coral inspired surface. On the back is a super strong magnet...that will give the notes on your fridge a stylish look ! Kim Westad works from a studio in the Bronx, New York, but you can read more about her work here.

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Category: Art & Design | Ceramics

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I don't think anybody has ever written my name so artistically...only a very creative and talented person is able to do this... a lovely package arrived in the mail today...Elissa Barbieri from Loop was so sweet to sent me a package with a set of the gorgeous note cards she and her mom, Christine Brown, draw together!
The cards are not only perfect to send to someone but also to frame...the quality of the cards is amazing, maybe because Doodlespark only uses 100% recycled paper...

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Category: Art & Design | Papergoods

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Aurelie Mathigot

These bautiful pieces of art by Aurelie Mathigot certainly take chrochet to a whole new level...sometimes I try to chrochet something myself, but I find it very difficult, I guess you have to be extremely patient...a virtue I lack a little to be honest....But Aurelie Mathigot doesn't...she lives and works in Paris and her work is largely inspired by the notion of recovery and the necessity of talking  everyday life (objects) in antother  - new-  way. 
These images are from the installation section on her website called 'my bedroom'. In 2005 Aurelie Mathigot went for two months to Rio de Janeiro and worked together with a women's cooperative, Coopa-Roca, on all the pieces for this bedroom. Her website is full of beautiful surprises, make sure to click all the buttons, including the Food! {via Bientotdemain}

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Category: Art & Design | Furniture

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