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Happy Holidays!

My final two posts of the year 2007…two posts about  ‘Bloggers spirit’…a spirit which makes blogging so special for me…share, create, inspire and give...

I wish all of you a great Holiday Season with your family and friends and an amazing new year… can you believe we’re almost at the end of the first decade of the 2000’s… any New Year resolutions…. I promised myself to work out in the gym or take up swimming… something I promise every year it seems…

Bloesem and I will be back on January 2, 2008!

The Holiday Ornament Swap…I proudly present the results of Group 5…
Paper Ornament by  Paula McGurdy ... on her blog you can find some more images from our group.
Felt Christmas star by Little Miss Meshell.
Letterpress paper ball by  Rachael Hetzel from PistachioPress.
A Nut by Katheleen Losche from Cake and Pie. {Thank You for organising this great Swap!}
Ceramic bird by Linda Johnson  from Little Flower Design.
...and I believe this little bird is on it's way over here...Bird ornament by Sarah Parrot from Thing are better with aparrot.
...and I contributed these stars...

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Crust Station

Another true example of how wonderful the blog community works, is the House Project initiated  and organized by the lovely Babelfish from Crust Station! Back in March Babelfish did a submission on her blog …calling other bloggers to build a house together where everyone contributes a room, based on paper-dolls houses (something Babelfish loved to make during her childhood)...the whole idea of the project was to create a platform where blog friends can literally 'visit' each other...here you can see the result...and here you can find all the beautiful images of the individual rooms...I just took some snapshots...
*The Salle de Bain by Tongue in Cheek Corey Amaro {Provence, France}
*DressingRoom by  Risa Friedman {Denver, Colorado, US} -
*Kitchen by Anastasia Christou {Australia}
*Basement by Babelfish {United Kingdom}
*CraftRoom by Vanessa Valencia {Tucson, Arizona}

*Bedroom by Little MissMeshell {Australia}
*Nursery by Kelly Kilmer {Los Angeles, CA}
*Conservatory by Maditi {Germany}

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Today I was visiting ModaMuse...a great online shop where you can beautiful items from independent modern Australian and NZ designers. I particularly liked this black and white print by Little Circus Design and the gorgeous pillow...unfortunately only 1 more in stock...who is going to be the lucky winner...?

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Jezze's green

I love the color green...and especially when it is used like this...blockprinted fabric, called Proteas  or blockprinted cotton tape both by Jezze, available here.

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Takashi Iwasaki

Yesterday I discovered the amazing artwork by Takashi Iwasaki and it really blew me away… Takashi was born in Japan but currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada. He paints, makes Abbies (a generalized nickname for Takashi's abstract drawings), draws and makes beautiful Embroidered paintings, like the one in the image,  by using thread on canvas.
‘traffic jam’ by Takashi Iwasaki
The collages above are called ‘winners’ and ‘town of white’. Takashi says he has been intrigued by the vaguely defined world of art…”Not only what one sees in a museum or an art gallery is art, but depending on the way one thinks and looks at, it could be found everywhere and exists in everything which are made by humans.” You can contact Takashi directly if you would be interested in buying one of the pieces or …have a look at these galleries who sell certain pieces from him:  Gallery Lacosse in Winnipeg, LE Gallery in Toronto, Motel Gallery in Portland or  Giant Robot NY in New York.

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REM Bedclothes

A while ago I wrote about a very special tablecloth designed by AZEdesign in Poland. Yesterday Arthur wrote me again about their latest project called REM Bedclothes…inspired by the different phases we go through during our sleep...during the night we create our own pattern on our bed.
I also like their new carpets, Nodus and Folk. For more information about Azedesign and their projects click here and you are more then welcome to send Arthur an email if you are interested in buying any of their beautiful pieces.

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