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Jarl Fernaeus

Just before anther weekend starts I want to show you the amazing designs by Jarl Fernaeus. Jarl is a 35 year old designer and art director from Stockholm. He says he always works with a clear idea about the form and the concept. During 100%futures in London Jarl showed four new products, that he made in collaboration with DuPont in Sweden. He used wood together with Corian. This material gives the objects a clean, cold look which makes the strict and precise expression stronger. It also gives the objects a more luxurious feel.
The purpose of showing the interiors objects at the exhibition was for Jarl Fernaeus to find out about the interest and response of the products. My response is as follow...'I love your items and sincerely hope that all the products will be produced in larger numbers in the future so one day I will be able to own one of your amazing designs'. Please keep us updated Jarl! {for any interested manufacturer here is Jarl's email address}
ps. wish you a wonderful weekend of course and hope to see you back soon!

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Category: Art & Design | Furniture

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Jaime Beattie

Another very creative women from Australia is Jaime Beattie. She makes limited edition purses, hair accessories, bags and other cute stuff, all available for immediate delivery. Jaime knows exactly how to choose great fabrics for her products. All items are unique and have a very positive style I think. You can already order online at her website and I believe a new website is being built.

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Category: Jewelry

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Blossom Creations

Erin Corvisy from Australia started selling her lovely products via Etsy, but the business was growing rapidly and now she opened her new online shop {Blossom Creations}. Erin left her career in Communications to pursue her dream of designing environmentally sustainable gifts, stationery and homewares.  So she went back to study Graphic Design, studied and researched small business and environmentally sustainable processes and began creating products in her studio at home. And see here the results...

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Category: Art & Design

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...i hope everybody who was celebrating Thanksgiving yesterday had a great time with their friends and family...we were invited to the annual Christmas party at my husbands work, it was much fun and also a bit weird to hear the Christmas Carrol's about winter wonderland in 30 degrees...
...another celebration is taking place at Julianna Grove Presents...this lovely on line boutique celebrated their first anniversary last month. Julianna Grove Presents sells beautiful handmade items created by talented artists. The collection includes stunning jewellery, funky leather belts, cards and  contemporary ceramics like this beautiful bowl by  Hugh West.
Other ceramic work is by Jill Ford. The windswept Yorkshire coastline is her source of inspiration, where she says the sky constantly changes and fleeting sweeps of light flash along the horizon far out at sea. At Julianna Grove you can also buy the ‘Hidden patterns’ collection from  Showpony. Emma Henderson who is the founder of Showpony uses organic cotton which is hand spun and woven by a fair-trade cooperative. The designs are screen printed by hand and each product is handmade in Scotland, making each one totally unique. Here you can see more. Congratulations Julianna!

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Paul Lowe


Love this styling work by Paul Lowe. Paul is food and interior stylist who moved from Oslo to New York to love and live. This production was for the Scandinavian lifestyle magazine Interiormagasinet. The story was about tea and Paul wanted to mix the whole tea concept into a mixture of craft and food. Paul doesn't even know how to knit, so he bought a wool sweather from H&M and a hot glue gun...result is perfect. Images are from photographer Steve Giralt. Paul also published a cookbook for dogs...have a look here.

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Category: Craft | Link Love

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Anna and Sean from Sub-studio designed these great Christmas Cards for the Shama Foundation and they are donating 100% of the proceeds to the foundation.

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Category: Art & Design

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