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WIS design

I love this new Chest of Drawers called Decades by WIS design. The chest of drawers is made out of discarded drawers, found and rescued at flea markets, which creates a mix of different styles from earlier decades. All different sorts of woods and knobs in a single piece of furniture, beautiful! The old drawers are enhanced by the new frame in white lacquered MDF. Click here for their website. For more information you can send Lisa or Anna an email.

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Category: Art & Design | Furniture

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Amsterdam Design Guide

Planning on going to Amsterdam? Don't forget to bring this very handy 'Amsterdam Design Guide' made by Danielle from the Style Files.

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Category: Around the Globe

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Yesterday I was talking about the Christmas ornaments for the big swap...while working on them I was looking for some inspiration...how about these little animals for your tree? They are Lyndie Dourthe's new creations, Elepoica. A great shop in Amsterdam called EggMercantile is selling them in their birck and mortar store but also online!
Eggmercantile is fortunate to sell a wide collection from this very inspiring artist Lyndie Dourthe. Lyndie herself is inspired by French 'cabinets of curiosities'. The 'Boîtes à trésors' collection feature images taken from encyclopedia illustrations of the 17th & 18th century. The images are transferred onto coarse cotton canvas which is then filled, embroidered and/or beaded, and hand stitched. Here you will find Lyndie Dourthe's own website, but it is in French...

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Monday's quick start: Refab doorstops

I like the way Refab uses vintage fabrics to bring colour and pattern back into your home with these funky doorstops. All their products are handmade in their London workshop and available online right here.

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During the weekend I found this very nice online shop called Lapin & Me. Lapin & Me was born in 2003 from an idea created by Madeleine  and her 6-year-old daughter - Delphine. There are many great items to buy here, but I would like to show you these magnets made from vintage children book illustrations. The Big Bio Bag designed by French artist Virginie, who takes inspiration from a Parisian lifestyle.
DIY card kits, these packs hold an assortment of new and vintage craft supplies to and four blank cards and envelopes. Just add your own glitter and Christmas images or family photos to make your own unique Christmas cards for the family. And finally this handmade one of a kind doll from Lapin and Me. Enjoy searching for your special gift.

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Category: Spotlight

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend? Maybe some of you are already preparing things for Christmas like me...I started working on my ornaments for the Holiday Ornament Swap....but since Christmas is still very far away I thought I start this Monday with some beautiful real life photography...made by the very talented Liz Shuman. The prints are available here.

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