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Bloesem’s Pink Collection

I am very happy to let you know that the first Bloesem jewelry collection… the Pink Collection… is now available! So how did this collection come into existence you wonder (especially since I have such a hard time finding jewelry that I think look nice on me…)…the last few weeks when my mom was visiting KL we did quite a bit of window shopping, my mom loves necklaces and we spend lots of time in jewelry stores…not buying anything… but both of us developed what I think is “necklace fever”… I was particularyly drawn to the 'simple' necklaces with big round stones and beads in earthy colors...so I took a leap of faith and actually bought  many wooden beads and stones that I really like and some equipment and created my own necklaces…the result...the Pink Collection
...'Pink' because they all have one or more “Roze Quartz” stones….a few necklaces even have embroidered stones… I particularly like those…creating pieces that are just a bit different and a bit more personal….each necklace has a different design… so unique in a way… there are only twenty of them…
I think the necklaces will look wonderful on a cocktail dress… they have a festive look and are feminine and fun to look at… a bit nonchalant but also daring… not sure how else to describe them… you can wear them during Christmas dinner but also casually with a blouse or jeans or something… anyway, I hope you like them… the Pink Collection is available in Bloesem’s Etsy shop where you can see more images.

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More Kids...


Another great gift for a child would be one of these prints by PrestoBingo. Joyce Hesselberth from Spurdesign told me about their graphic design and illustration studio in Baltimore and how they recently have taken some time to work on a more personal project...a line of fine art prints for kids' rooms. I like the robot collection very much. You can buy them here.

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{Designer clothing for kids by Buisjes&Beugels+++}
With the shopping season in mind I thought I write about some great children clothing brands today. I always think that clothes makes such a nice gift (…i know it is a little bit boring for the children, they rather see some real toys) but as a mother I truly appreciate it when my mom sends over some beautiful t-shirts for Lode and I wouldn’t mind receiving one piece of the great childrens collection by Buisjes&Beugels from the Netherlands.
Or how about giving one of these handknitted pieces by Angelique Roelofsen from her label BENK.
Great clothes from MishaLulu with great graphics for the t-shirts made by the owner, Karen from El Salvador herself.
{Baby kimono's from Lucky Wang}
Carina Scott not only is the writer of the great blog and online shop NonchalantMom she also brings you these wonderful products from her other label Lucky Wang. I'm in love with these baby blankets, maybe it has to do with my living here in Asia...I truly admire how Lucky Wang has melted the Asian and Western influences so nicely in these baby clothes and products. Click here for the shop and website.

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Are you looking for some original wallpapers from the fifties, sixties or seventies or would you just get some good inspiration for your new patterns than 5qm is the right place for you. You can order online and they have a huge collection.

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Mollie Dash

Another great gift would be one of the eco friendly and one of a kind jewelry pieces by Brooklyn based artist Mollie Dash. Mollie truly is Eco Friendly: from her studio out of her home she practices daily conscientious decision making on the amount of waste she produces and how many resources she requires to live. Also in her work Mollie uses many discarded, thrifted, donated, and yard sale-derived materials. Mollie's credo: reduce, reuse, recycle.For her website and online shop click here

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Port2Port and Rachel Bone

It is always such a poleasure to visit Port2Port. Mav's letterpress cards and calanders are the best! These are the the cards for the 2007 holiday collection, available right here.
On Mav's beautiful blog I discovered this lovely calander by Rachel Bone. Not only do i love the calander I also fell in love with her amazing artwork...I agree with Mav this would make such a great gift (also for myself)!
Artwork by Rachel Bone: The Harbingers. Click here to view her beautiful collection.

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