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Manon Gignoux

Via Whipup I found Manon Gignoux. Manon creates beautiful fabric sculptures, dressed objects, clothes and accessories from her studio in Paris. The origins of her work can be traced back to her last year of study at the School of Applied Arts in France, where she carried out a photographic study of the clothes worn by workers in the early 20th century and explored the "traces of wear and tear" on clothes.
These fabric flowers are just stunning! I’ve never seen corsages more beautiful than these. You can use them as decoration in your home instead of wearing them, which would also look fabulous of course. Manon Gignoux’s work truly lies between art and fashion. More information about her work and retail information you can find here

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Category: Art & Design | Craft

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While scrolling through Modishoppe I found these lovely wooden brooches by Allira and invitations from Paperedtogether.

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Category: Spotlight

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Heather Smith


Always when I visit LabourofHeart I see something truly amazing and inspirational. For instance the work by Heather Smith. Heather is a textile designer based in London. Having worked within fashion she has shifted her textile exploration to rigid industrial materials and now explores the possibilities of surface manipulation. These tiled walls are a combination of laser cut felt inlaid in plaster and partially finished with fire. Suitable for outdoor wall panels, the felt will potentially act as a platform for which organic matter (e.g moss) can grow. Amazing! Click here for more information.

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Category: Art & Design

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Wonting * NYC


Christine Wong’s addiction for gocco printing has turned into an etsy shop! There you can buy these lovely prints.

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Category: Spotlight

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Bookhou for real

Hello everybody, a new week for all of us and looks like a very exciting one for me anyway...coming Friday I will be going on a 4-day trip to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam...with three wonderful women I recently met... the trip will only be about shopping, relaxing and trying to find great new places...I'm hoping to make beautiful pictures and show them on Bloesem in a new weekend read.

On Saturday I received a beautiful package from Arouna at Bookhou with some of their lovely products. I think the dye cut felt trivet looks perfect on our own coffee table (right image), love the shape, feels soft and is very functional as well... truly a nice and original gift for the Holiday Season.


And how about this beautiful handmade pillow and rabbit t-shirt. Sorry for the vaque images... they don't do justice to the real products... Lode was so happy with his new t-shirt that he walked around with it all day. The image of the rabbit is so appealing to him and he wants to cuddle it all the time.. very funny! {Thank you Arounna, John and Liam!}

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Thank you all for visiting Bloesem last week, I had much fun writing and showing you the beautiful images, hope you enjoyed it too. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

ME-RORS…or…hand mirrors…how do you see yourself? Alissia is the designer of these me-rors. You can choose yourself, which mirror fits you best…are you proud of your profile? You should choose the cameo. Do you consider yourself as ‘a work in progress’? The Rorschach inkblot would be the right for you. And are you more a traditionalist? Opt for the oval. Just remember: beauty is in the eye the beholder. Unfortunately, the me-rors are not for sale yet, still in production, but as soon as they are I’ll let you know.  Another beautiful design from Alissia is this candle light. A co-design production with Ilona Huvenaars form the Netherlands.


The designer of ByAmt is Alissia Melka-Teichroew, a native of the Netherlands, but currently she lives in Brooklyn, NY. Alissia holds degrees from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and Rhode Island School of Design. I’m really glad I met Alissia by email and I think her designs like 'Silhouettes' are just very beautiful and smart! With 'Silhouettes' you can add an element of drama to your home. No need for wallpaper or more furniture, just place the 'Silhouettes" in your room and all your decorating issues are being solved.


Instantly recognizable: the classic Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring, but Alissia AMT’s version is acrylic, way more affordable and a lot of fun! Alissia recently added this Martini glass to her Inside Out Collection – Shot Glasses. Both designs are available at Charles&Marie. {nice meeting you Alissia!}

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