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Sarah Devey


When I first saw the wallpaper and printed stone tiles by Sarah Devey I send her an email and asked her for some information...her series are inspired by a lifetime of living in suburbia, Sarah is fascinated in the side of suburbia that people choose not to show, and why they don’t… the collection is to challenge any preconceived ideas you might have about suburbia… UV printing made it possible to print her designs onto hard surfaces, such as aluminium and stone… designs are printed on everyday objects that you find in suburbia. 

Sarah Devey   describes her work as “kitsch, in your face and tongue-in-cheek, but sophisticated and contemporary”… and I would agree these are not your every day wallpapers and tiles… they make a statement for sure… see more on Sarah’s website!

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Back in town...


Dear all… I had a great long weekend in Ho Chi Minh City… truly an amazing city with a lot of charm and soul…and…good shopping too… think Vietnamese Paris… so many different crafts, textiles and much more… all just perfect and fabulous materials… my friends and I had a marvelous time… I made many pictures of shops and street life…and working on a travel special on Ho Chi Minh City… coming soon! {thank you Jenny, Meg and Bec!}


More good news… Bloesem was voted among the 10 most influential design blogs on TheHomeRejuvenationBlog… such an enormous honor and a big surprise… thanks so much everyone for voting Bloesem! I truly makes me happy that you enjoy my daily posts... and of course tomorrow back as usual with beautiful finds...

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Special Read...Elise Rijnberg


I am very happy to introduce you to designer and photographer Elise Rijnberg. This new special read is an on-line interview with Elize about her life, work and passions. It was great fun doing the interview and I would like to thank Elise for taking the time answering all the questions and telling us so much about herself. I am a big fan of Elise’s work and doing the interview was a wonderful way to meet. I hope you find the interview interesting too, the images are of course all made by Elise.

As you probably know I am off for a long weekend to Ho Chi Min City with my friends, I am sure it’s going to be an exciting trip… will show you some pics when I return… I will be back on Tuesday… have a great weekend and see you in a few days!

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Esty artists

I think I’m going to do a Etsy day today…there are so many great artists over there…and my friends sometimes tell me that it is not easy for them to find the artists they are looking for so hopefully my selection will help them a little bit...
Adorable monsters print by Zara, available right here…


London based designer Robert Ryan works mainly by the means of paper cutting, from that original starting point he applies his art to a variety of applications: Screen-prints, textiles and ceramics like these great tiles! Available at his Etsy shop.

lovely buttons by inkjetdesigns.

My dear blog friend Julie from Handmaid from Israel made these beautiful prints/paintings. Julie  is a mixed-media artist who is mostly inspired by nature. She enjoys working with paper and  found objects. Her illustrations skills are also shown at 2Views.

Not via Etsy but I just had to show you....Abandoned by Nature…a very nice jewelry by Miranda van Dijk from PuurAnders.

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While visiting Spunkysprout's shop I saw 2 products that I constanly adore when I see them, but I just never have mentioned them on Bloesem..about time that I do...Numbers Poster by Binth, I truly love the freshness of these  prints!
And these beautiful handmade pillows by Jenny Sauer from Three Sheets 2 Wind, also available here at Spunkysprout. 

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Category: Spotlight

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Isle_Design from Poland


Two years ago Aleksandra Klupinska and Izabela Kuzyszyn got the the idea to design objects inspired by the Polish traditional arts and crafts. Both are graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. I’m very happy to show you their beautiful designs. Together they are Isle_Design. When I saw the work of Isle_Design for the first time I was really struck by the clean, simple but very strong lines of all their designs. The materials and colors are basic but the designs are stunning. These are not regular coathangers but decorative elements for your wall.


The felt armchair-seat by Isle_Desing, looks like you can make it yourself, but it's so perfectly folded... it takes great eye for detail and touch... creating a piece like this requires talent. 


I love linen...and what would be more perfect than having dinner at a table with a tablecloth like this. The patterns at the two ends of the tablecloth add charm and finesse... you can buy it online by sending Ola+Iza an email! Click here to visit Isle_Designs' website and see all their unique objects. {thanks ola+iza}

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