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Friday, 12 October 2007 by Irene Hoofs

Thank you all for visiting Bloesem last week, I had much fun writing and showing you the beautiful images, hope you enjoyed it too. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

ME-RORS…or…hand mirrors…how do you see yourself? Alissia is the designer of these me-rors. You can choose yourself, which mirror fits you best…are you proud of your profile? You should choose the cameo. Do you consider yourself as ‘a work in progress’? The Rorschach inkblot would be the right for you. And are you more a traditionalist? Opt for the oval. Just remember: beauty is in the eye the beholder. Unfortunately, the me-rors are not for sale yet, still in production, but as soon as they are I’ll let you know.  Another beautiful design from Alissia is this candle light. A co-design production with Ilona Huvenaars form the Netherlands.


The designer of ByAmt is Alissia Melka-Teichroew, a native of the Netherlands, but currently she lives in Brooklyn, NY. Alissia holds degrees from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and Rhode Island School of Design. I’m really glad I met Alissia by email and I think her designs like 'Silhouettes' are just very beautiful and smart! With 'Silhouettes' you can add an element of drama to your home. No need for wallpaper or more furniture, just place the 'Silhouettes" in your room and all your decorating issues are being solved.


Instantly recognizable: the classic Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring, but Alissia AMT’s version is acrylic, way more affordable and a lot of fun! Alissia recently added this Martini glass to her Inside Out Collection – Shot Glasses. Both designs are available at Charles&Marie. {nice meeting you Alissia!}

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