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Phuket...thank you...and short break

Yesterday my parents arrived in Kuala Lumpur...joehoe!...today we’re all leaving for a short holiday to Phuket, Thailand… I am so much looking forward to it… doing nothing four a couple of days but day dreaming and soaking up the sun… also Bloesem will be on a break for a few days… I have to prepare a couple of new projects and I’m going to update some pages within Bloesem, but don’t worry I will be back on Monday 5 November…have a great weekend and see you next week!
This package has seen more of the world in a short period than many people…. Toronto, Amsterdam and now it arrived in Kuala Lumpur… its final destination… a beautiful present for my son from Siyan from Little Fashion Gallery but lost its way in the international mail… unfortunately my son has now grown so big it doesn’t fit any longer… but I will save it for a new baby… my parents who are visiting brought it with them from the Netherlands… they will be here for a few weeks using KL as a base to explore the region…

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Category: Around the Globe

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Dear Ada

{wonderful textile wallhangings by ruth singer}
Sometimes it just takes you a while before you really appreciate what you see and I guess that happened to me with Dear Ada’s blog...this morning I was visiting her blog again and completely forgot all about my (ever growing) things to do list…it was just so relaxing reading her blog and seeing so much creativity makes you want to start creating things yourself right away… Birdie is the writer of Dear Ada… I very much enjoyed reading her profile… it’s about the name Dear Ada and why a woman called Ada was so important to her…you can read it here
{artwork by  blaise drummond}
I’m just showing you some of the amazing art I found at Dear Ada and please visit the links to read more about the artists over at Dear Ada.
{and more art by Josh Aster}

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Win win win

Would you like to win a goodie basket full of pretty things? Sign up for the loungeluxe mailing list by November 15th and you will automatically be entered to win this fabulous collection of goodies from loungeluxe designers.

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Helen Musselwhite


Helen Musselwhite wrote me an email about her beautiful paper art pieces. Helen works from her studio in the North West of the U.K. These little scenes look amazing. By cutting and folding paper Helen creates these wallhangings and I’m sure they will look very beautiful in any of your rooms.

I would love to see one in our bedroom or in Lode’s room. The bold colors and strong graphic lines will be very recognizable for him. Helen obviously is inspired by the natural world and I know many children are too. You can buy Helen’s wall hangings online... just click here

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Category: Art & Design | Papergoods

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No Windmills, Cheese or Tulips


If only I would had a change to go and visit this exhibitionNo Windmills, Cheese or Tulips…during DesignTide Tokyo 2007, held in Japan from 31st October – 4th November, 19 off my favoriute Dutch designers will be presenting work that illustrates the strength of Dutch design. The idea behind the theme of this exhibition is to present a still life, like those familiar to us from the ‘old masters’, putting contemporary design from the Netherlands on display in a classically Dutch way. Here you can read more...

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Kiki Ceramics


Just had to show you these… marvelous ceramics by Kiki I stumbled upon when searching the internet… somehow my searches often lead to some ceramics finds… wonder why… I am happy that I found Kiki by chance… this series is called 'new ideas', I love the dark colors and the rare shapes, but would you be interested in more lighter colors and traditional pieces you will probably love her table ware series... right here...
Kiki works with fine stoneware clay and is always experimenting with materials, shapes and colors which led to these beautiful peices. The colors were chosen to work well as backgrounds for food… the handmade touch on these ceramics is just lovely… check out Kiki’s website here!

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Category: Art & Design | Ceramics

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