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Yesterday in my post about the new online shop I spoke about ZAKKA as if I knew exactly what Zakka stands for…not true…therefore I did some research on the internet today and this is what I found. “Zakka… the things that make people feel happy is what zakka designers keep in mind when creating new designs.” Or “ Zakka…from the Japanese 'zak-ka' or 'many things', is a fashion and design phenomenon that has spread from Japan throughout Asia. The term refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and outlook. There is a strong interest in Nordic design or Scandinavian design, both contemporary and past. Zakka can also be contemporary handicraft.” All the zakka products you see here are from a famous Japanese designer called Shinzi Katoh. You can buy the ‘happy’ items online at Shinzi’s website or at ThreePotatoFour.

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A new shop in town! Husband and wife, Stu and Janet, opened their new online shop called ThreePotatoFourShop last Saturday. And they sell incredible items! Therefore I felt flattered when Stu wrote me a while ago to become a sponsor of Bloesem. The shop is heavily influenced by Zakka (in Japan), which I love!

Their collection of products is a mix of vintage and modern products for your home. Stu and Janet are originally from Brooklyn, but just moved down to northern Virginia a few months ago. Their ultimate goal is to open up a brick & mortar shop in the DC area, but I’m already happy with their online shop, ThreePotatoFourShop. The name "three potato four" came about when Stu and Janet were teaching the 1 potato 2 potato game to their 2 year old daughter. 

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Thank You!


A big thank you to two wonderful and very talented ladies who sent me these beautiful gifts. When opening my package and seeing the tea towel, t-shirt and hand-cut magnet by Heather Moore I was a bit overwhelmed by her generosity! I could definitely see how much care and passion she puts into all of her products. My little son loves to wear his new monkey shirt! The magnet is on the door of the fridge together with the card, so whenever I open my fridge (and that happens very often) I think of a great bloggers' friendship between Heather and Bloesem.


If I wasn't be spoiled enough..two days later another package arrived from Kristen Doran with some of her amazing fabrics. This particular fabric can be made into 'days of the week' handkerchiefs. The fabric is a joint-venture with illustrator Tricia Tharp of Frizzlestix. I'm planning to use the fabric as wall-display for my little son's bedroom. To be honest with you  I'm really touched by all these beautiful hand-made products, they make our house so much more interesting!!


These are some other fabrics made by Kristen Doran. When I look at them so many ideas go through my head..pillows, wall-decoration or little sheets for your baby crib. If I only had more time to sit behind my sewing-machine...

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{Image of shelving-unit by Yoon-Zee Kim via HomeRejuvenationBlog}
Stan and KUS from HomeRejuvenationBlog are conducting a poll and they are asking for your input…Vote for your 5 favorite Design Bloggers…by sending them an email with your list before by 15th October 2007. Will be very hard for me to send my list, there are so many wonderful design blogs, all with their own style and beautiful finds.

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Inside Design


{Amazing Jewelry by Hester Zagt, I truly love the rings! If you would like to buy one of them, just send Hester an email}
Today is the start of Inside Design Amsterdam, an annual design event organized by ELLE Living in the Netherlands. Along the Inside Design design route, you will find shops, restaurants, galleries and museums. Main platform for Inside Design this year is the Westergas Fabriek, a beautifully restored old factory site bordering the center of Amsterdam, now the center stage of many exciting events in the city. You probably understand that I really miss Amsterdam right know and I would have loved to be there tonight..but I'm not allowed to complain, because living here in Kuala Lumpur is so very nice!


There are many artists showing their work during Inside Design. To start the weekend with I wanted to show you the work by three talented designers: Jewelry by Hester Zagt...Happy Porcelain by Tina Roeder and Make Up the Wall by Kirk Mikkelsen. I will show you more designers featured during Inside Design and their work next week. Enjoy the weekend and hope to see you again on Monday!

...Make Up the Wall by Kirk Mikkelsen...

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My posts on 2Modern


Maybe you have already seen my posts on 2Modern the last two weeks...and maybe you haven't but it was about some Dutch designers who I really like. The first week was about MRS.Me...beautiful bedlinen and accessories for your bedroom...


..this week is about Patricia Weusten and her Ancestree...have a look here.

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