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Harry Richardson and Clare Page are the design-duo Committee. They met during their art studies and fell in love... and we all know since Charles en Ray Eames that such love can lead to extraordinary designs.... For Moooi Committee designed this Bamboo Lamp, it is available in white or black, a simple and contemporary shape.. the use of bamboo gives it a tropical feel and is very light material so easy to move  around (great if you often like to completely rearrange your living room setting…), every lamp has a unique cord with a special animal icon. I have to be honest...the images don't do the bautiful lamp very good justice, you have to see it for real. The lamps are available at Moooi, you can't find the lamp on the website yet, but you can send Tisha Claessens at Moooi an email.

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Mike and Maaike

...another post on 2Modern about the very innovative design duo Mike&Maaike.

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Give Love


Growing Love…a gorgeous textile brooch made out of four harts. It is a piece from  the new collection called ‘Give Love’ by Marije Geursen from the Netherlands. Marije screen printed the pattern on fabric, which was later enriched by embroidery patterns.


The beautiful flower brooches are available in black and white, but for now it is a limited collection of only 20 pieces. If you would like to buy one of these ‘growing love flowers’ click here. 'Give love' isn't Marije's first collection...if you haven't seen any of her previous work before just look here...I'm a big fan!

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Category: Craft | Dutch design | Jewelry

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Have a look...

Some prints, craftwork, accessories and artwork I would like to share with you today.

These very beautiful gocco prints were made by Cecilie Ellefsen and she works as an illustrator and animator in Oslo, Norway. You can find her prints in her Etsy shop and read her blog here..unfortunately the squirrel print is not available at the moment but maybe Cecilie will reconsider printing them again?!

Sparrows and Black birds accessoiries available at BettyJoy.

These nice magnetic frames were already featured om some blogs, but I think they are so clever that I have to show them as well. Mudpuppy is the creator and here you can buy them, only $3.50 (I never mention any prices, but this is just to good to be true!)

'Hello Morocco' is the name off this wall-hanging. Erin Lang Norris sells these handmade items in her shop called, Yellow Canoe. These functional wall hangings serve a double purpose: unique artwork and a much needed jewelry (or key) holder...available here...

I have featured some of Dallas Show's work before, but last weekend she send me some new work. The images are from are from the OMD Showhouse in Venice CA.

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Category: Link Love | Papergoods

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The Doily Chair


Another piece for your personal museum that I would like to show you today is this beautiful Doily Chair by Tara Murray. Tara currently lives in Calgary, Canada, but has traveled and studied in different countries. She designed the Doily Chair as "an exploration in designing a new furniture piece utilizing an outdated object". The new composite linen doily is supported on a wide walnut chair frame. The design is intended to provoke "images of grannies and formal parlours of the past" but also has a very contemporary appeal.”  You can send Tara an email for information about how to order your own Doily!

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Category: Art & Design | Furniture

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And now time for something completely different….I always find it hard to find the right lighting in my home, but one of these lamps by Tay would fit perfectly. Maybe because of the Asian origins that it appeals to me. Tina Hancox founded Tay in 2000.  After a trip abroad in 2003, Tina found the prototypes for the first range of hand painted globe lamps and commissioned Lucy Quick to design the patterns. Each lamp is handmade and  painted in the Philippines by specialised crafts people. You can buy them by sending an email to Tay.
Via Anne E. Collins

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Category: Art & Design

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