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Wendy Klaver


Maybe you already noticed but I haven’t written many posts this week…and this is all because of a horrible cold/flu I have to deal with this week…  other than drinking lot’s of lemon thee with honey, nothing else  seemed to really help, so yesterday I went to the doctor's and got some real medicine...!


Of course I didn’t want to leave you with nothing today...here are some beautiful handmade pillows and poufs from the 300-serie by Wendy Klaver. Wendy is a young and very talented Dutch designer of whom we will hear much more in the future. Her website shows a wonderful collection of designs. Click here. {ps. tomorrow I can show you some amazing designs by up and coming Scandanavian designers...so hopefully you will visit Bloesem again tomorrow}

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New Wallpaper


I just love this new wallpaper, called 'Typography'! It is hand printed by Deborah Bowness, one of my favorite wallpaper designers. This wallpaper would fit perfectly in my new studio! You can order the wallpaper by sending Deborah an email. {Thanks Deborah for sending this to me!}

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Some beautiful products..;available at Loungeluxe, a new sponsor of Bloesem!

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Category: Ceramics | Spotlight

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I received an email form the writers of the blog "create my event' asking me if I could ask the Bloesem readers if anyone would be interested in being the new guest blogger on their blog. It is a blog that deals with event planning, arts/crafts, invitation design. The site has a variety of content contributors including, event planners, graphic designers, writers, and those that love to throw parties and events. Click here if you are interested.

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Category: Link Love

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New fabric


Bianca van Meeuwen from Hollabee products sent me her new fabrics. All her products are created and designed in Melbourne, Australia but Bianca is originally from the Netherlands. The new Fabrics are hand screen printed on a 55% linen 45% cotton blend and you can buy them here.

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Category: Spotlight

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Jonas Samson

Found via InsideDesign… incredible work by mystery man Jonas Samson… just fell in love with his designs… but no further information on the creator himself…. so where shall I start… This Light-emitting wallpaper makes it possible to have light from a two-dimensional surface rather than a 3D object. As long as the wallpaper is turned ‘off’, you don’t see it is a source of light. Instead, it is just what it appears to be: wallpaper.

Then you have these Free Style Blowmolding vases… a project between craftmanship and industrial manufacturing, combining the uniqueness of handmade pieces with industry functionality and mass production uniformity. Need I say more...color? Perfect!

And last but certainly not least Free Style Blowmolding lights...visit Jonas Samson's website for more designs and yes, you have to send him an email to require any information. Have a great weekend! My parents are visiting tomorrow, I'm very much looking forward to seeing them agian. Hope to see you back on Monday with a beautiful post about food design.

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