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Virtual flea market


After being disconnected from the internet for 2 days..again…I finally have a change to tell you about a wonderful new project Jan from Poppy will be launching in the early October: the online street market! And she would like you  to join…you will be able to rent a virtual table in her virtual street/flea market for indie makers of all kinds. All the details you can find here. I’m really looking forward to seeing this online fleamarket. Good luck Jan!

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I like this Australian version of Etsy, called Made-It, very much. Made-It, is an online community where you can buy and sell hand-made Australian products.

For example this wonderful doorstop or bag by Holly Daze.
...or this beautiful bag and print made by a Dutch women living in Australia and calls herself  Hollabee.

...or lovely buttons by Luii.

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Erika Wakerly


Via Design*Sponge’s shopping guide last week I found some wonderful (for me new) online stores, designers and products like Walnutwallpaper. They sell great wallpapers from very talented designers like Louse Body and Erika Wakerly. I never really noticed the work by Erika Wakerly before, although she has been on D*S for ages as one of the “women to watch”…but I guess it’s never too late to give some attention to her work on Bloesem as well.

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Cardboard washing


And how about this Cardboard Washing machine and cooker for your kids by Nume available at Little Fashion Gallery.

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Monday's quick start: Stephanie DosReis


Such a nice way to start a new week with this beautiful print by Stephanie DosReis available right here...

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Last week I wrote a post on 2Modern about design studio ZO. I wasn't able to show all of their wonderful products so I thought it might be a nice idea to show you some more on Bloesem today. Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink form the design studio ZO, but both are still studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Tineke and Nathan didn’t want to wait until they were finished studying. They decided it would be more fun starting designing and producing right away. I'm glad that they did… their designs are original, beautiful and fun! "Niksie" are cuddly toys, handmade and beautifully looking.


“Something Old Something New” is the name for these blanket handbags. Tineke collects wool blankets, especially the ones that have nice patterns. Her collection became so big that she decided it was time to come up with a new destination for the blankets… so she created these gorgeous handbags…the only new part is the handle.

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