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Tuesday, 7 August 2007 by Irene Hoofs


Let me show you Bholu today. The Australian company Bholu designs gorgeous felt homewares and wacky things for kids!


Jodie Fried is the designer behind the Bholu products and she has a wonderful philosophy….Bholu works with traditional women in India to support sustainable incomes, while doing art workshops with underprivileged kids in slum communities and using their drawings for the kids range. They are guilt free purchases as part profits go back to their communities to sustain schools in the slums…ok...do I need to say more…this is the kind of business we all should support...and you can do that by ordering the beautiful products online!


Another reason why you should visit the website is because of Bholuland: here you can see where and how production in India takes place. Thanks Emily for the information.

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